2022: The Year of Top 10’s

So. Uh.

We’ve been here for going on 11 years now. Right?

I’ve made WAY too many mistakes. FFS. Just looking through my past ramblings, I was reminded that I oncw advocated for Herman Cain to be president and shit. Like. Jesus Christ.

But, unquestionably, some of the biggest mistakes were made when I did “top 10” lists.

This year? I’m going to dp my best to rectify those mistakes. Merhaps they weren’t “mistakes.” Merhaps, I’ve grown as a person. Merhaps, these lists just needed an update. Merhaps, (I mean, FFS… most of what I’m going to share right now were written in 2011… first year of doing these ramblings… back when I’d still use the word, “blog,”) I was a dumb ass when I wrote them.

Either way.

Things like, “My top 10 favorite wrestlers.” Or, “My top 10 davorite comedians,” or… that one time when I just spewed a whole bunch of, mostly wrestling, top 10’s

They all deserve soe sort of update and stuffs, dude.

So. Guess what, 2022? That’s what’s gonna happen.

I dunno if they’re gonna be once a month. I’m going to do my best to redo the lists in chronological order, though, that won’t matter because most of these are private due to them being in my Amazon books and stufs. BNut. Obviously, I won’t redo EVERY list. EVER. Because like, for instance, I doubt I’d change my mind much about my “top 10 albums.” And I’m sure there’s a few that I really wouldn’t change and such. So. Yeah.

Obviouslty, I’m gonna do my best to write other stuffs too. But. You know. Writing’s been pretty tough to do these days. But whatever.


It’s gonna be the year of the top 10.

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