It is nineteen ninety nine nine na nine. It is nineteen ninety nine nine na nine. It is nineteen ninety nine nine na nine. It is nineteen ninety nine nine na nine. It is nineteen ninety nine nine na nine. It is nineteen ninety nine nine na nine.

At least. It was. I thought it was. According to Bone Thugs n Harmony that one time. But like, I totally misheard the lyrics my whole life. Until JUST now. So. Hey. Sorry about that, Bone Thugs n Harmony. My bad.

One, two, skip a few and the Attitude Era is in FULL effect. And. Mosh and Thrasher, the Headbangers, are living their lives as action figures/ And they would take a break from being killed (after talking with HORRIBLE speech impediments), going ot heaven and just asking a general person in heaven, “Jesus Christ! Where’s the ice water?!” And all hell broke loose. etc. etc. Action figure. Imaginationess.

Also. Just to pop Robert if he ever came across this rambling, “I need an equalizer!” Said Steve Austin!

Something something.


Whoops. Whoopsie. That there video just plays the below mentioned song. Don’t be afraid. The lyrics. They’re not going to physically attack you.

Point is. Mosh and Thrasher. Would go on to do “Boloney Rolls.” Because. I dunno. The Insane Clown Posse. And ICP did the insanely catchy theme music for WWF’s “The Oddities” faction/stab;e/words. And we (Robert and I) had no idea what the lyrics, “Gather up all juggalos and roll” was. At the time, The Headbangers were also either affiliated with and/or feuding with THe Oddities. So we went with, “Balogna roll,” for comedic effect. And Mosh and Thrasher, as action figures, would do, like, in wrestling terms, forward rolls. Right?

No. None% of this is tje point of this rambling.

Because like. Music begins when I’m like 4-6 years old. And. I’m listening to W.A.S.P.’s “LOVE Machine.” And I’m in my brother’s station wagon WITH EVEN MORE WOOD ON IT! (iykyk). Or… who the hell knows what the music was. But. Apparently. I come home and my ears are bleeding. And I have tinnitus to this day. Whoops! Whoopsie!

That’s. Obviously, not a knock on the WAPS song. LOVE Machine is great. But. Oh know. I smoked cigarettes in my room a few hours ago. How dare I exist amongst 90% of everyone, ever?!

No. THat’s not it either thoug. dude.

WWF: The Music – Volume 3. That’s like… the first…I think? IO think that’s the first album I had in my possession. But like… It was DEFINITELY Robert’s. So no. That’s not it.

Oh… FFS. I just remembered this is a thing. I probably shouldn’t write this down. Ever. But like. It’s forreals a thought I had. And I shared with my best friend, Roberty. Perosn.

“No wonder he got shot, he said that word too much!”
-Me. This one time. Whilst listening to 2Pac’s Greatest Hits album and shooting hoops.

So. That’s a musical thing that happened. In my life.


When I watched this? It was the first time I heard, “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. in my life.

I watched that show on TNN. “Enter Sandman.” Happens. Crowd. Aweseomnees. All of that happens. But. I’m ober here wondering if those folks in the, apparent, ECW Arena, are chanting, “Welcome back!” or “Welcome Hak!” cause… you know… they only knew him because he was just in WCW a fw weeks ago. Just like me. You know?

Prior to this, though, I know. FOR SURE. I heard “Fixxxer” by Metallica. Cause like. It was so prevelent in that one documentary. Which like. FFS. How the hell has “Fixxxer” never been used in any sort of “mainstream” wrestling context dude. The opening interlude or whatever musical terms are… that alone should be up there with like the “My Way” video, you know?

The Fixxxer itrointerludemusicness should AT LEAST be up there with like the nWo theme. Fuck. Even nWo b-team iconicness. In wrestling.

Bruh.. MMLP didn’t happen. Shit didn’t even exist yet. At this point? Robert and I were even making fun of, what little we knew of the “My Name Is” song. Cause that one Ad Victorium! kid liked it. So… that’s an instresting factoid upon reflection.

Throughout this next year though? That’s when shit besplodes.

I’m talking…

I Disappear
With Arms Wide Open
Country Grammar
Big Pimpin’
Miss Jackson
And of course… The Real Slim Shady

Discovering Jimi Hendrix around here? Discovering MORE Metallica?  Watching Fight Club for the first time?! Like… come on ya’ll… Sure. When I went back home and forced bakc into the AD VICTORIAM! Lifestyle, I wanted to kill myself as a young lad. I mean… who the fuck wouldn’t? But like. At the same time… Come on. This music. THAT music up there. Existed. Such good times.

Then. I mean. Of course. I get my hands on The Marshall Mathers LP. And. Like. Boom. I’m pretty sure that I still, currently, live ,y life based around the lyric, “I am whatever you say I am.” And sstuffs. But I mean. The fact that the songs “Kill You,” “Kim” and “Criminal” exist. And somehow… Eminem is still allowed to have a career. In 2024. Ijs… All the Jonah Hill apology tours in the world are like… I dunno. Whatever. I’m not tryig to personally shame the guy. It’s just crazy how much hating the orange man goes, I guess? Merhaps. Shut up. Me. None of that shit matters.

Legit? Those three are definately in my top 10 Eminem songs of all time. So. Whoops/ Whoopsie. FFS… “Kill You,” is a song I’d like played at my funeral. Or whatever. lmao

Like there’d ever be a funeral or memorial for me…

Aww… poor Shawn Michaels…

NOT AT ALL RANDOM SIDENOTE: My fault, mom’s fault, anyone’s fault or… whatever… none% music was heard at my dad’s memorial. Merhaps it’s because I mean 90% of the people sick or whatever…

Music though, right?

Like… as a concept? I’ve never been a fan. Like. I’m watching a kid’s movie. As a kid. With kid friends. And… I dunno… A Land Before Time sequel suddenly became a musical? And Littlefoot is all singoing about how sad he is about having a long neck? I’m grossed out by this. As a child. I don’t like it.

In my adultish life, I’ve attended chruches. Right? And. Everuy. Single. Time. It starts with like… Songs. About how much Everyone in the history of ever loves God. Basically. And yeah. I don’t like it. Religion. Dogma. Everything? It’s dumb.

But uh…

So basically? When did music begin for me?

When I owned The Marshall Mathers LP as well as Metallica’s Metallica, album. I mean. The latter was on a burnt CD at the time. But… Uh… that’s when I discovered my music tastes. And I also came to the realization that I had created…

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