QUICK RAMBLING: Horronable Mention — White Noise

So yeah… last weekish. I wrote one of the better ramblings I’ve done in a while, I think anyway. Certainly it was the most fun. Especially, most fun to read, I think. So. You know. That’s cool?

Anyways. My top 10 horror/slasher movies. Uh… it’s still basically all in tact. Pretty sure. I could. Possibly. Switch out Sweeney Todd for this, I suppose. Especially since I barely considered that movie to qualify to begin with or whatever. But either way. I’m perfectly fine. Just dropping in this, obviously exteneded honortable mention.

White Noise

Now. No.

The movie’s not really scary. Hell. It’s probably not even good. I remember… I think I wrote a bit about in the high school news paper? Jesus Christ. Whatever.



Michael Keaton stars in this 2005 film directed by someone I can’t care enough to look anything up about the movie. And. Well…

I’m guessing you’re a bit like me and you’re wondering WTF does all that text say in the little… poster… image… thing… at the very top of this rambling. Lemme make it easier…

Hopefully that helps.

What I care about the most is aaevp.com, on the bottom right there, dude. So… Lemme go check out if it works now…




The results are pretty disappointing…







Whoops. Good job, Warner Bros.! Or… whoever it was that produced White Noise!

Basically, the only reason why this movie is here at all uis because…

One night, presumably in October, Welly and I rented it from Blockbuster. I’m opretty positivve I saw it in the theaters though. But whatever. Watched the DVD with Welly. We started watching the special features. And there was specific bullshit documentaryness about Electronic Voice Phenomenon. You know, EVP.

And the documentaryness plays the clip that you can hear in the trailer up there. “Get out of my house,” and we’re freaked the fuck out. We weren’t into like Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures back then like Welly and I would become in later years.

“Get out of my house,” was enough for us to take the DVD out of the player machine (lmao) and bring the damn thing back to Blockbuster. Get that evil shit out of the house. Cause. We both were still pretty Christian-like at the time.



Shit freaked us out.

Horronable mention bruh.

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