That’s the closesty that the “mainstream:” movie-going audience has gotten to an awesome story involving Bat,an’s boy-wonder sidekick. Don’t get me wrong. I love that up there. FFS I even love the movie sequel that takes place a couple of years after that scene. And like. I’m not even mad that Chris O’Donnell was like. 30-years-o.d when he was cast as Bruce Wayne’s ward.

I grew up on those movies. I grew uip on Adam West-y shit. And I love it all.

However, the world doesn’t ever need to see (on any sort of screen, big or little, live action or animated) Dick Grayson, Robin, ever, begin a sentence with any of the following words ever again:

  • Holy
  • Holey
  • Wholly
  • Holli
  • Whole… E=MC squared
  • Hole EEEEEEE-achooooo (sneeze, ya know)

None percent of anything remotely resembling anything “holy,” should ever begat a Dick Grayson Robins’ mouth again. Ever. Ever.

But legit?

There’s some amazing stories that could be had with a YOUNG ass Dick Grayson, parents being killed like Bruce’s were. Like. I swear to God. Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin is AMAZING. It’s a great launching point for inspiration…

Cause like…

I meanm….


You don’t go all like…


And have Batman utterly abuse the kid the way Frank Miller did. FFS. Miller had Batman force Dick to hunt and kill rats in the Goddamn Batcave in order to not starve. Because he was the Goddamn Batman. Or some shit. Either way. You OBVIOUSLY don’t have to go THAT far. But you can easily still come to conclusins llike…





All’s I know is that George Reeves, if he wants top be an awesome person, make an amazing mark as a Batman filmmaker pionering type persony thing./.. Dude NNEEEDS to include Robin. In The Batman Part II or whartever this shit’s gonna be called… We’ll be dealing with a year three-four-ish Batman. It’s the perfect time to get some Dick involved.

Hello, laides!

I’m just fucking positive that James Gunn’s Brave and the Bold movie is going to involve Damien Wayne being there immediately. And I mean… I don’t HATE Damian Wayne. I’m six feet from the edge of hating Damion Wayne. Amd I’m thinking… matybe six feet ain’t so far away. Type of thing? You know? Cause like. I absolutely hate the coupling that made Bruce Wayne’s son exist in the first place and stuffs. If you feel me.

The only time Bruce Wayne’s son was 1000% cool was when Bruce was apparently dead. So Dick Grayson took up the Batman mantle. Whilst Bruce’s offspring was Robin. So fort the first time in the history of ever, Batman was the light-hearted.. cracking jokes son of a gun. While Robin was the dark, brooding asshole type person.

ijs dude… just think.

You’re a human being. Living in the early-to-mid-2010s. And you found out that Chandler Riggs. You iknow…


Was going to play Dick Grayson in a movie.


Shut the fuck up. That’d be awesome. All the moneys taken and such.

I just want a Robin dude. An awesome. Realistic. Dick Grayson becomes Bruce Wayne’s ward shit. Modern. Amazing. Stuffs. Cause it hasn’t been done. Ever. Fuck. It hasn’t even really been done in the comics. Miller’s Dick Grayson torture buklshit is the closest we’ve had, as far as I know as a Batman expert.

The next closest is B:TAS. But. That’s… I mean.. not it, at all, either. So. But they definitely came the cosest.

I dunno man. Matt Reeves. Robin. Please. Thanks.

Zack Snyder/Warner Bros. listened to me that one time. For better or worse and gave us a “World’s Finest” movie that turned into Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So. Hopefully someone “listens” to me again?


The end.



































So. You’re still reading. Cool.

Let me vent something really quick.

OH NO! I’M a lazy artist! And I asked AI Gods to generate a comic book accurate Robin. After quite a few other attemps (such as Chandler Riggs as Robin and the closest thing I received was Chandler Riggs as a boy scout, basically)… THIS was the best thing I got.

Tjhankfully, I’m pretty skilled wiyh GIMP and like, Photoshop 5.5 in the before times. In the long, long ago. And I created this…


Love ya. Take care.

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