It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

This isn’t, exactly, a reciww of the multi-award winning, highly critically acclaimed series that is Mad Men. This is… me… wanting to say something that I’ve been wanting to make intyo, like, a Facebook post, or Twet for the past couple of days now.

But before I do so.

here’s my little, review thing. Of Mad Men.

Bear in mind, I’m not even through with season four.

But still.


Mad Men



Sorry, dude.

I know. I know. I know.

Evertyone throws that word out there these days. Especially when it comes to television series. But man. Hate me. Slay Me. Mad Men is extremely boring.

It’s beautiful. Cinematography. Directorally. Acting. Alkl’s well. You know? But like. The story is boring as shit. Man.

Only… JUST NOW… that I’m nearing the end of the fourth season has the story become… somewhat instresting. Because. You know. Don Draper’s secret identity~! is being looked into by the FBI and what not. Why is that happening? I couldn’t tell you. I was bored during that portion of the story and tuned out.

Although, most likely, it’s not, totally, Mad Men‘s fault. I started watching the series. Found out it was boring. Started watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia for the… I don’t know… fifth time? To have it play in the background while I do… other things. Only tyor have Netflix removie It’s Al3ways Sunny… leaving me entirely angered. And… now… the struggles of Don Draper have consumed by “background noise.” And… many, many other ramblings.

Being half-way throughh the series? Mad Men, most likely, is an awesome story. Like I said. Things are picking up. But it’s boring as hell in the meantime. Merhaps you can compare oit to Breaking Bad where things are… fairly boringish until the third season or so. Merhaps earlier. Not entirely sure.

As fsar as thjat goes, all I know is Breaking Bad is the besty live actyion television drama I’vbe ever watched. Bar none.

Thanks, Heis-y!

But. OK. That’s my “review, thing” of Mad Men.

What I want to say is:

Dude. Minus the OVBIOUS things… the 1960′ seem awesome, innit?

Yes. Social issues. Cibil rights. White men being horrible. Things.

All of that is terrible. obviously.

but like.

The classiness of it all? The fucking hairstyles?

You stay classy, planet earth.

Being able to have a cigarett in the office? Dude. Like. Dude.

There’s no words to describe how awesome and classy this shit is. Now-a-days, you’ve got to feel like shit if you pull up to a drive through window whilst smoking.

Come the fuck off it.


I guess… that’s the thing that gets me the most. The smoking. It’s so fucking sexy. I want to make love to Don Draper every time he lights up in his office. Like. I want to make out with him and let him blow smoke in my mouth.



The 1960’s.

While, obviously flawed, were awesome.

And. I mean. In the third season, we saw how all of the country (even Republicans) hated that a president was assassinated (you know… JFK… STFU Secret Service. I swer). Now? If the currecnet President met the same fate… at least half of the population would be overjyed… for… some reason.


But… you nkow… class went out the window years ago. Sadly.

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