10DoT10CM: #9: A Christmas Story

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Ralphie! Wait for me! Guys! Wait!

I mean…

I really don’y care about this movie. Like… at all…

But a certain someone, you know who you are, Welly, does. And like. It’s a part of Christmas Eve. No matter if I like it or not.

And like…

I guess I quote it enough. Some times. In Red Dead Streams. Sometimes. So.

I dunno man.

It’s like, was a traditiony thing. Even though I couldn’t ever care less about it.


Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra?

I dunno.

Shut up. Consertive! Or something. Cancel everything. Cancel Christmas. Dude wants a gun. How dare you?! Or something…

I dunno…

He’s just a boy!

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