10Do10CM: #6: Love Actually

It’s a bruh bra for your bro bruh!

I mean…

I’ve said time and time again that, more than likely, Titanic is the movie that I’ve watched the most. Although, al of a sudden, I’m having a sort of… DUH?!… epiphany andrealizing that, merhaps, and more than likely, Fight Club probably takes that honors… I dunno… they’re both neck and neck.

The point is… I’m a sucker for romance.


And uh… I mean.

Love Actually, right?

Like.. legit? The ONLY knock on the movies is that Billy Bob Thorton is like… a dick. Because. He’s the American President. But. Hugh Grant. The heroic. Masculine piece of amazing human meet that he is. Is The British PM. And He’s amazing. Whilst Billy Bob is like a huge ass dick. And… really… the only villain of the movie? I dunno. Something like that.

Fuck off.

Fuck politics. I’m done.

Love Actually is a good time.

Eveb if it’s a fucking goat. AND The best finishing move EVER is a glorified shoulder tackle!

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