My Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers

And,,, here it is… I’m pretty damned positive that this here… is the first top 10 list I eever wrote for Or… you know.. the wordpressy beginings. What. Forking, Avery. My dudes. I don’t care. All I know. Is that… I included Randy Orton in THAT Top 10 List (as it was… basically called back in 2011). And Bruh… I gotta rectify this shit.

In THAT Top 10 List… I started it off with a quircky choice, But… nah… that dude’s gone even higher. Let’s kick this off with the OBVIOUS… kinda.

Oh yeah. And I mean… if you’re new aroung here or something. If you’re wondering why I like wrestling or something. Watch this, dude. That youtube video linked there is easily one of the best things I’ve ever seen with my eyeballs. Period.

Alrioghr then…

Let’s do this!


“Most awkward WWE moment ever!”

I mean.. you know that this exists, right? or… FFS…


Shut up, crime.

I’ll admit. I first, ironically loved me some SNITSKY~! and HEI-DEN-REICH!… but… nah bruh. These two NEEDED that WrestleMania 21 match against Kane and Taker. even in a loss… it’d have put them over the top… it’d have put them in the place they needed to be! It’d cement them as the legenst that they TRULY are.

SNITSKY~! deserved to have pro-choice supporters rally around him


These guys could have… and SHOULD have been money. Thanks, Randy Orton!


9. Asuka

Merhaps… it was her NXT debut match… I dont know. I know, for sure. She was in NXT. And I watched a match. Involving her. And imediately… I was captivated. Like. She had my full attention. Like. Right off the bat. I copuld tell that Kana had something amazing about her, right? Back in… whatever it was. 2016? 2017? I don’t rememer.


Then she came to Raw. On Mondays.

And bruh.

She had all of that IT and then some. You know?

She became my reason to watch WWE in 2017-2018 or so.

Vince had a female Undertaker on his hands.


He just fed her to Charlotte. Because Charlotte is a tall blonde with big tits and a famous dad.

I guess.

8. Santino Marella

Dude. As far as my fandom is concerned? There was so one. Ever. That was as consistently a reason to watch wrestling/WWE. For MANY years. Than Santino Marella. Fuck you, Jim Cornette. From 2007ish-2013ish… there’s never been someone that made me tune into WWE Raw, SmackDown, or… for argument’s sake… even WCW Nitro for as long for as many years… as Santino my dude.

And if you’re someone that;’s all like, “blah! he was NEVER funny!” due to the later years, shut up. He was still amazing. From almost winning the Rumble, to almost winning the Elminatatio Chamber against Bryan. Dde was still fucking amzing. And the crowd was always into it. Just like I was.

Santino was money. Even Travis thought so. That one time.

7. CM Punk

In those later Santino years… CM Punk became all the rage dude. I mean… I liked him, a lot. I watched that ROH trilogy with Joe back in the day andf stuffs. I can’t say that I ever disliked CM Punk. But… I mean. Slap my ass and call me Vinny Mac. Or something. But right then and there is when I truly took notice of him and stuffs.

I either watched the show live. Or watched it same night on my DVR, I dunno. No matter the case… as soon as he started talking, I dropped anything else I was doing and he had me hooked. I was ALL on board the 2011 Summer of Punk train.

Then a rouge Kevin Nash and Triple H appeared.

6. Kurt Angle

Da,m man… that video there is basically perfect. If it didn’t have that cameo bullshit at the end.

But it also didn’t touch on Angle’s character work. His comedy. His mic work.

I mean. Whatever.

All in all? Kurt Angle? He’s probably the most perfect professional wrestler. WWE Superstar. Fucking… what avery you wanna say. He’s almost there, anyways. There is someone that is THE perfect professional Wrestler. WWE Superstar. Fucking… what avery you wanna say. He’s #4.

Either way. There’s no denying how amazing and awesome Kuyrt Angle is.

The end?

5. Mick Foley

Mick Foley is, in part, the reason why I started to favor WWF over WCW during the Monday Night War. And. I mean. That happened a few months before the whole, “butts in seatrs,” incident. But… well… I mean… obviously that incident didn’t help matters for WCW, obviously (though, I still love me the fingor poke of doom… seriously and unironically)

But I mean… Mick Fucking Foley, bruh. Foley is God. He gave his heart and soul to the wrestling business.

He created art with his tongue.

He’s Mick Foley, dude.

4. Chris Jericho

Man… when I watched that shit for the first time…. however “live” it was… my eyes were filled with tears and stuffs. Even rewatching it now I got a bit choked up.

It’s just… that’s how fucking magical wrestling can be, you know?


Jericho is eternal. Dude’s in his 50’s and he’s far more athletic than Tom Brady, you know?

Dude’s got it all.

He’s the eternal total package.

Reinventing himself to perfection year after year.

And he has 1004 holds.

3. Scott Hall

Firstly… lemme just say that, of course, I was gonna use THIS video to be the whole, “Scot Hall” thing. up there. But then I came across that up there and, yeah dude, it kinda encapsulates it all. Everything that I’m aout to say.

Which I mean… comes to…

Secondly… Scott Hall was like #7. Or #8. Or something. During the first g0-round. You know. The go-round when I included Randy Orton. When I saw how low Hall was, I knew I had to change that shit. And sure. Maybe the recentcy bias… or whatever is in effect here. But I don’t fucking care.

Dude could be in the background of an nWo promo with all of the bodies. Like. Scott Norton and Ray Traylor are back there just standing around. But Scott Hall’s there, on screen. Reacting with facial expressions, doing his shaky fingers, doing everything he can to enhance every word that Hogan or Nash or Savage or whoever was on the mic. He was in the background there just making things better. By being himself. You know?

He’s a genuine once in a lifetime talent and human being. Especially when you hear the stories of how he treated young talent and stuffs. FFS. The dude put over Hector Garza. Dude gave Jericho his first MAJOR win on TV and stuffs. Whatever.

Thirdly… without Scott Hall… in many ways than just one… I’m not a wrestling fan. The video up there, kinda explains at least 1-4 of those reasons. Ir si, But whatavery.

Either way.

Rest easy, chico. Godspeed.

2. Bret “Hitman” Hart

Now. For many-a year and stuffs. Dude was #1 on my list. And sure. He’s probably the best WRESTLER I’ve witnessed in my fandom. Sure. Chris Benoit or Dean Malenko arguments. Sure. But. I’ve always, always, always, loved me some Bret Harts. But I mean. Deep down inside, when it comes crashing down and hurts and stuffs… he’s not #1.

Not when it comes to favorites.

Undoubtedly, he’s was in around 3 of the top 10 best wrestling matches I’ved ever watched. Including THE best match I’cve ever wartched. Merhaps on thpse facts alone, he should be #1. But nah bruh. I’d be lying to you and myself if I put him at #1.

So. Yeah. Bret’s a SOLID #2. Legit.


Here’s one of the best songs ever. That happens to be based on wrestling. As I segue into some honorable mentions listed in no particular order

Bryan Danielson – Yes.
Kevin Nash – I mean. I went trick or treating as him… once… maybe twice. So sure. My knees are about to explode soon, I’m sure. So. We’ve got that in common.
The Rock – Cam you smell what I’m cooking? Welly would get it.
Eddie Guerrero – Not much needs to be said. I still love the gimmick he’d do in WCW where he’d go up to the ref and tried to show them how his oponent actually pulled on his hair and stuffs. Good times.
Raven – I mean. Come on. Do I need to quote some shit?
Diamond Dallas Page – Dude got the first major win on the nWo. Then. Became a 3 time. 3 time. 3 time. WCW champion. Thanks, Sara.
Rey Mysterio Jr. – Best Luchadore ever. Obviously.
Tommy Dreamer – Dude OOZED psychology and selluibg. Easily the best wrestler that came out of ECW… well besides…
Rob Van Dam – Cool.
Shawn Michaels – Not sure if I need to say more. I’ll lose a smile if I do.
MJF – Easily, the best all-rounder today. Dude’s still in his 20’s. Dude’s going to be one of the best wresters ever.
Nik VanCore – Eyyy girl!

Now… as far as Mount Rushmore goes… it’s obviously: Flair, Hogan, Austin, Cena. But whatever.

1. Sting

Lemme preface by saying… without Scott Hall… there is no Sting. Not the Sting that made me fall in love with wrestling anyways.

Sting was the Batman that I needed but maybe not the bat man that I deserved (see what I’m doing there?).

Without Sting being the brooding, dark dude in the shadows avenging the wrong doings of the nWo… I’m not a wrestling fan. Period. It qas perfect storytelling. It was amazing. All of it. Fuck the false fast count. I don’t care. It’s all fucking brilliant. Perfect. It’s fucking everything.

Don’t care.

And the dude can still fucking go.

And. I’ll just leave you with this.

Dude is 62 years old.

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