10DoT10CM: #1: Home Alone 1 and 2

Yeah man… a lot like my top 10 horror/slasher movies…

I’m pretty sure that I did the same bit in the podcasts of yesteryear, where I’d made a list of top 10 Christmas movies for the “Christmas special” episodees .

And. Yeah. No matter what… Hom Alone would always be my #1. Pretty sure, I’d say Home Alone 2 is my favorite. Mostly because the sequel is the one I remember the most, which… I guess translates to it’s the movie that resinated with me the most as a one of the yutes.

I dunno man.

These movies are 1000% proof that all you need for a good Christmas is family. Right?

And Joe Pesci can totally not say them devil words when the script calls for it.


Most importantly.

You stupid boomers. Quit forgetting your kids all the damn time. FFS.

Sadly, it’s too late to learn that lesson.


I’ll leave you with the best way to end every Christmas. Ever.

This song.

Love you. Bye.

Hope these 10 days were fun for you like they were for me. Take care.

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