2023 is the Year of Me

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Yeah man. It’s finally coe down to this. And I mean, it’s about fucking time, right? Shit man. In ramblings that have been LONG since been privated. And like… niot even included in either of the books (pretty positive of this anyways, buy them and prove me wrong, right?_)… this year’s series of ramblings kinda, sorta began.

Even BEFORE I completed the E-Wrestliong series… lmap…

Essentially, what’s funny here is, Back in those days, I was writing on here so much that… even the thought of doing two series at once was fucking feasible… Jesus. Anyways.



It’s the year of me, my dudes. This is my Mick Foley, Have a Nice Day year. But. Without all of the awesomeness. And Without like…. anything? I dunno.

RANDOMISH SIDENOTE: I only bring up the former New York Times best selling author because a certain so-and-so said a flippitty-floppedy thing and compared me to him. And I’ve always cherished that. So. Whatever. BOOOOOO! Me. BOOOOOOOO!

Basically? This year? I’m going to write my autobiography. For what it’s worth.

And I’ll try my damnedtest to exclude all of the boring parts. I’ma do my damnedest to exclude all of the sad parts. Basically. I wanna… I don’t wanna be Hollywood about it or something…

Fuck. Nevermind.


Not gonna sugarcoat anything. Merhaps. This is gonna be it. This is Have a Nice Day but… WAY lamer. Sorry dude that called me Mick Foley, once.. But. OK. I’ll try my best to not make the boring parts boring. Cause. There’s going to be lots of them. But uh…

Throughout the year, I’ll update this here rambling with new chapters. Alright?

Cool. Cool. CoolCoolCool.

2023, The Year of Me:

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