My Top 10 Comedians

And so…

It’s already come to this.

Basically… The WHOLE damn reason why I decided to make this year, 20202, the “Year of the Top 10’s.” This rambling in particpualar. Because. For years. And years now. I’ve wanted to re-do this here rambling that I first wrote one year after I started these ole’ ramblings og mine.

So… yeah dude. Here we go.

Here’s the take two. Hopefully, I got it right this time.

Below will be some hilarious stand-up bits that you can watch and laugh at. Also, I’ll write stuffs. Hope you enjoy.

#10. Dane Cook

Man… back in like 2005-2009 or whatever… if you were a millenial, like me… there was nothing funnier than Dane Cook.

But uh… God damn it, I’m not even chuckling at all during that whole video up there.

But fuck me, Dan Cook was the person that got me into stand up comedy in the first place. So. There’s that. I guess.

So… yeah.

Masterpiece rambling in the making here! LET’S FUCKING GO!

#9. Colin Mochrie

I mean…. This probably doesn’t count, hence why he’s so high.

But damn it.

Watching that up there? It made me laugh more than I have in a long, long time my dudes.

And I mean, this? Comedy gold all over the place.

I don’t care.


#8. Bill Burr

I mean… I’ve enjoyed every special of his I’ve seen.

But kinda like Dane Cook up there, I couldn’t of a single joke that stood out or anything like that.

That clip though? Pretty good, free sample at the grocery store example of what you get when you watch a Bill Burr comedy special and stuffs.

So there you go

#7. George Carlin

Honestly? I wanted to put him higher. That up there? That’s the joke that made him famous. But. I mean… come on…

There’s stuff like this too. I mean, that whole last HBO special he did is pretty damn brilliant, it’s just too bad I couldn’t find a good clip of the “deleting friends” bit.

Yiu know?

And I mean, shure, He’s such a boomer comedian and stuffs or whatever. But come on. You gotta give respect when and where it’s deserved. You knwo?

I mean. Dude. There’s so many Carlin jokes. WAY TOO MANY. And they’re all good to perfect. You know? How does anyone explain George Carlin so simply? He’s only this high because he was

#6. Ricky Gervais


In a pinch, all Ricky Gervais thinks of is atheism or whatever. At least, according to his Twitter, last time I checked. Which was like… shit… 10 years ago now or something. Who knows how time works? So… yeah…

Like,. For quite a while there. That was all his personality was. Ricky Gervais. Atheist.

But. I mean. Come on now. Right>?

I mean… in particular…


Dude’s brilliant! Cheers.

#5. Colin Quinn

First of all, one of the best jokes ever is in that clip. The punchline happens at like 0:52 or something like that. Unfortunately…. the FULL context isn’t on display but the gist of it is still in tact.

Second of all, Long Sotry Short is easily in my top five best stand-up specials ever. Pretty much, all of the others in the top five? Well… I’ll get into that later.

Long Story Short aside, of the three (pretty sure three) stand up specials I’ve seen of Colins? They’re phenomenal. So as far as I’m concerned? He can’t do any wrong. Even the comedy special that was “produced” or whatever by CNN. Red vs. Blue? Shit was SPOT FUCKING ON.

Dude’s great.

#4. Dave Chappelle

My high school self is kicking my ass for admitting this. Because, dude, The Dave Chappelle show and “YEAH~! WHAT~!” and “I’M RICK JAMES BITCH~!”  was all the rage. No one would shuit the fuck up about it.

But God damn it.

This… quadrilodgy (I mean, there’s like another four[?[ others that you could include), or however many of them there was, of specials on Netflix really sold me. Dude’s brilliant. Obviously.

Now, the clip up there? It’s obviously not his best set. It’s not his funniest set. But it’s, without a doubt, his most important.

That shit made me cry. It made me giggle. It made me laugh hysterically. It made me feel. So. Yeah bruh.

#3. Robin Williams

Kinda like Dave Chappelle’s clip. But this here? It’s not even important, really. It’s just Robin doing his last few jokes on an HBO special. The last one? His tribute to Walter Kronkite has always stodo out to me for whatever reason. Like. Whn I made the “Robin Williams Intro” when he dioed, That’s how I ended it.

The best Robin Williams stand0p joke I’ve heard is obviously this one (at least, by my estimation)


Dude went a mile a second. You know? It’s crazy and amazing.

#2. Andy Kaufman

First of all? Even with the deep dive rabithole I went down about Andy Kaufman after I watched Man on the Moon for the first time (I dunno, it was around the time I wrote the first “top 10 comedians” bullshit list) tonight was the first time I watched all of these clips (aside from the third clip) in their entirety.

For instance? I never saw Lawler get boo’d in New York the way he did on Letterman before, yes, I’ve seen the uncensored clip of the slap and the aftermath. But like… I never knew the heat Lawler had on the show? You know?

Basically? Andy Kaufman was so far ahead of the world, culture, whatever you wanna say.

To my modern wrestling fan readers out there? He’s MJF. On steroids. Not litterally the drug, obviously.

But yeah.

Shit dude.

Even today. Pluck prime Andy Kaufman (merhaps it’s the first SNL clip I shared up there?) drop him into today’s world? I think his brand of comedy would still go over the majority of people. That SNL clip I shared… people are just laughing because… that’s what they thought they were supposed to do. The dude was trying to bring them in… feel what he’s feeling… And if comedy comes from that, then sure, laugh, by all means.

But no, Just laugh. Cause that’s what you’re supposed to do. Funny man makes funny noises is awkward. Such boomer humor. Much hilarity.

And. Again. Drop that Andy Kaufman into today’s culture? We still, more than likely, wouldn’t get it. Especially not on SNL. But that’s a clapter story, I suppose.

It’s MJF. On Steroids.

Dude worked the whole world. Not just smarks. It’s amazing.

#1. Louie C.K.

Don’t care. Don’t care. Don’t care.

Two of those clips there are things I’ve referenced time and time and time again, dude.

Louie C.K. is an absolute master at his craft. There’s no denying it/ And shit man. I watched that first clip for the first time in a LONG time. And bruh. Jesus. I was laughing so hard the entire time. It’s great. Also. I watched that last clip for the first time ever. And yeah dude. It’s fantastic as well.

There’s, of course, another clip that I’ve referenced time and time again. But we won’t go into that, right?  Even though, it’s probably close to being one of the most important comedy bits ever. Oh wells. Uh…


Speaking of sorry. Apparently, I mentioned I’d do some honorabout mentions. So. Chris Rock. Jim Jeffries. Jim Norton. The Original Kings of Comedy (the first, stand-up… ANYTHING I ever watched). The Comedy Central roast guy. Can’t think of his name, won’t look it up. You know who I’m on about. Also, the dude that was on Red Eye a lot and wrote most of the Comedy Central roasts stuffs.

Boom. Roasted.

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