My Top 10 TV Shows

Merhaps, I’m going a bit out of order. I don’t know. Nor do I care. Obviously. Bit. What I do know is… this rambling here? It’s the one that makes the most sense to wriote right now. Since like… I’m 1000% positive that THE next “top 10” frpm history was “top 10 wrestling matches.”

And since I just did a top 10 wrstling thing… fuck that, right?

Let’s do this. This makes the most sense.

So… yeah.

Here we go, dude.

10. WWF/WWE Monday Night Raw

Getting this over with.

I;m a wrestling fan. Have been since I was 9-years-old. And. I mean. I suppose I always will be. So. Yeah. The flagship wrestling program for the past 21+ years NEEDS a mention here.



#9. Orange is the New Black

Merhaops, it;’s because I identify as a lesbian. Sexually. I don’t know.

I mean…. merhaps I’m the biggest hippocrite int the world. I don’t care.

Orange is the New Black was, instantly, one of the best shows I watched on Netclix. And I swerar, I hopped on at season 2 at the latest. I fucking loved tis show. The last season? Yeah, it was pretty dumb. Probably the season before that too. I don’t remember. But. WHatever.

Great storytelling. Great lesbianism. And. Again. I say that as a lesbian, myself. Shut up, crime.

#8. House of Cards

Legot? This was THE reason to have a Netclix subscrition in lik3 2012 or whatrever. Kevin Spacey’s presidential madness was so insane and awesome and such an exopose of the legitmate house of cards that is Washington….

Just… oof dude.

And obviouslt. The show took so many liberties. Like. Just imagine. Frank Underwood became the United States president in a year and a half or so.

By that logic…

This dude…


Would be president by January. So.

Either way… dialogue? Character development? Twists? Turns? Wiriting? All of whcih were fucking brilliant. And then… I gave a token watch to the last season. So… who the hell knows how it ended up, right?

#7. Beavis and Butt-head


Watch that 4+ minute video.

Reach the “duty” bit.

Come at me and debat me.

I’ve always described Beavis and Butt-head as America’s greatest cultural achievement.

Watch that “duty” bit. And TRY to debate me on this. TRY. You will lose.

#6. The Office (US)

What can I say? I’m a millwenial. Right?

That’s what she said? But she didn’t.


#5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I mean…

As far as comedy goes? This is damn near perfection. There’s no denying it.

At all.

And Dee is a bird.

#4. Better Call Saul

I mean. Sur. It coul be a bit of like recency bias or something. I’m hyped up for the upcoming season…. the final chapter in the Breaking Bad universe and all that. Sure.

But. Shut up, crime.

It doesn’t matter. Everything that Better Call Saul has done is DAMN NEAR totally on par with everything Breaking Bad did. As far as writing, character development… twists… turns… whatever you wanna throw at me… the prequel to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s journey has been amazing. and brilliantly put together.

Shit dude. Last season? There was the sequence (seen above) where Salamanca dude was in Jimmy and Kim’s appartment Mike had a sniper aimed at him and stuffs. But Jimmy and Kim both talked their way out of the situation. The whole time? I’m physically shaking, expecting the worst. Kim’s about to die. Stuffs like that.

That’s how brilliant this show is.

#3. South Park

If Beavis and Butt-head is America’s greatest cultural achievment, South Park is her magnum opus or… whatavery…

RANDOM SIDENOTE: With the VERTY little knowledge of Latin that I have… “Magnum opus” seems totally wrong… it should be more like “Magnus opum” but… whatavery.

Eric Cartman is probably the most amazing character ever created in fiction. That’s just the borderline fact of how amazing South Park is and can be.

Hate me…. slay m,e…  but… I can’t finish South Park without including…


So… the end…?


#2. BoJack Horseman

The show goes “woke” or whatever sometimes, yes. Amd it’s even pretty fucking ridiculous.

But God damn it.

As far as character development is concerned? There’s NOTHING. NOTHING. (even the upcoming #1… that’s damn near ALL character development) That compares to the structure of BoJack’s characters. Nothing comes close.

If not for the addictive nature of #1’s story, this show would be the best televishion show ever created. Peried.

Nothing has made me feel for or fall in love with its characters the way that BoJack has. And that’s ALL of the characters. It’s not me being the “BLAH~! PRIVLEDGED WHITE MAN FJERKLJWEIOPRJ~!” I fucking die for Diane. I’m fucking crushed by Princess Caroline’s desire for children. I’m… basically Todd, for the most part.

I just, feel.

For BoJack Horseman.

This is gonna serve as a pretty good segue to a couple honorable mentons:

Oz: I mean. It’s not NOT Orange is the New Black buit in a male prison. Especially since the comedic factor is like non existant. But FFS. This pretty much set the standard for why you NEEDED to watch HBO on Sundays. Back in the 90’s. When BoJack was in a very famous TV show.
The Walking Dead: I mean. This show was amazing. Then Carl died.
True Blood: I mean… I loved it. All of it. Russel Edgington was a tremendous character. In television. Fuck you. And like. Boobs are cool. As a lesbian. I can confirm. Anna Paquin’s boobs are cool. And like. I dunno. I enjoyed the story. No matter how dumb it became. It was fun, entertaining, etc. You know? A soap opera. With boobs and vampires. Sue me.
Game of Thrones: I mean. Firstly. I understand that people were upset with the last season. I understand that things were rushed. I DO NOT… and WILL NEVER understand whyu people are so fucking up-in-arms about it, though. There’s ONE story beat that I can say I didn’t like. ONE. Everything else? Especially like…. The Long Night… HOW THE FUCK DOES ANYONE… HATE this episode?! Arguments afterwarss, sure. But THIS episode? The fuck are you hating dude? It’s damn near perfect. Dani’s heel turn is damn near perfect. Just… ugh… everyone complains too much.
Louie: Because he didn’t rape anybody. Let’s start there. Harvey Weinstein? He is not. Louie was such a fantasic show. And like… I’d rather not do a Youtuve embed for an honorable Mentuion. But. Bruh… STFU… Louie deserves it.

Batman: Holy how the hell did I not think to include this, initally, Batman… I mean… whilst it wasn’t muy first introduction to the caped crusader, Adam West DAMN SURE bright knighted Batman all over me.
Batman: The Animated Series: Another one that should have cam to me MUCH sooner. Shit. This shw could damn near be my #1, all things considered. But oof. Sorry Kevin Conroy.
I Love Lucy: I mean… the show basically created the modern sitcom… the modern… way to produce televison. And I mean.. I loved it was when I was 2–3 years old. Abd eveb in my later years (I mean… I don’ think I’ve seen an episode since age 12… but…) I don’t care… there’s no denying how awesome Lucy’s red head was. Splain it to me girl!

#1. Breaking Bad

It’s everything from Better Call Saul. It’s everything from South Park. It’s everything from BoJack Horseman.


It’s so much more addictive.

Like. I couldn’t imagine the torture ya’ll would’ve went through watching this show year to year. FFS. A season ended when Walt ran over dudes with his fucking Aztek and told Jesse, “Run.” Bruh.

I couldn’t imagine. Living through that shit. Thank God I experienced the show through Netclix. But yeah.

Outside of nWo vs. Sting? This is the best fictional, serialized story I’ve ever witnessed. Hell… it’s probably better than what Eric Bischoff et al accomplished in 96-98. I don’t know.



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