The Three Things A Bartender Shouldn’t Talk About (Part Two)


Tonight, I’m semi-celebrating my “gradutation” from bartending school. How am I doing this? Drinking a bottle of Brunnette’s by myself. Sure, it sounds like the loser/alcoholic/pathetic thing to do. But… I’ve learned that drinking alone is the BEST time imaginable. Anyways. This three part series of blogs are what I learned to be the three things a bartender should never discuss with their customers. Since I’m not bartending at the moment, I figure I might as well discuss them here.

The second being religion.

Honestly. I have 1000% NO IDEA of how I want to start this shit off. Thusly… I believe this wil be a MUCH smalled blog than the lastone.


My own, personal religion:
1. There is a God.
2. I believe Jesus was my personal savior.
3. Church is nothing that should be done on the regular.

Seriously. In today’s world. There is NO single solitary idea of this “church,” of ours. In most, if not all, of the churches I have encountered,  there is nothing trustworthy abou t them. I’ve been to ONE good church in my life. And… God only knows if I’ll ever go back to it. But… that’s besides the point as of now.

My thought about all of it is this:
1. There is a God.
2. I believe Jesus is my personal savior.
3. The church is corrupt.  Seriously. They’re all out for SOMETHING that benefits themselves. Be it mony, be e it the church’s presist’s pown personal gain, whatever. They’re looking out for themselves. I’ve been to, what seems to be, ONE good church in my life. God only knows if I’ll ever go back there.

I believe if you live a good life, you’re good to go. Seriously. I believe that God/Bhudda/Allah/Aliens/Whoever…  if you’ve done any/everything you can to help mankind (by not being a dick to poeple, for instance), those people you meet in the afterlife are going to greet you with a open arms.

The whole thing about being an atheist and/or an agnostic… meh… I honestl don’t se how any of those things could hurt. You know? I mean… what’s wrong with living your life by trying to be there and/or help others? Or being the best person humanly possible. What’s wrong with it?

I figure, it’s best to play it safe than anything else.

Sure, I believe in most of the teachings of Jesus Christ. But I believe the church that engulfs themselves in those teachings have become nothing more than some sort of… (I’m not sure of a beter word here than) statement.  As in, “HAY~! WE LUVZ JEEZIS~! C WE IZ JUST LYK U!” That’s the basis of them all. But… they all take their own, personal meaning to this message.

The bottom line.

Play it safe. What is it going to hurt? Sure. Maybe you’re goign to fuck yourself in the ass a couple of times by being “too nice” to people. However, this is what the world (America especially) needs. People that are MORE than willing to be “to nice” to others. Without each other, then… we MUST depend on a MAJOR force (I.E. a government).

Without the existence of ANY sort of “higher power” in your life. Then… there is absolutely NO point in living. Seriously. Shoot yourself right now if you think otherwise. Living life without the remote hope of an afterlife is entirely TOO pointless. I mean… seriously. You’re living this thing just to grow into nothingness. Sure, I understnad the argument that we were born from nothingness and it is that in which we will go into. But… it makes NO sense. Once you’re here. Living. Everything else. There HAS to be something else.

This is what I’ve argued with myself, anyways.

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    Jesus Christ (no pun intended). Yes. I realize that I listed “my religious views” twice. My computer was fucking up at the time and… yeah. That TOTALLY wasn’t a drunken mistake. Honestly.

    But… ethics are ethics. I swore to NEVER edit this stuffs. Thusly. I stays the way it is.

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