10DoT10CM: #10: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Robert Downey Jr. is back BAYBEEEEEE!~


Shut uop, Die Hard. Like. Shuit. ALL TJHE WAY UP, dude.

If Die Hard is a Christmas movie, shut up. It is. I’ll allow it.

Because. Dude. This movie is just as much of a Christmas movie as Die Hard. Shut up. Accept it. And move on. The end. Shut up. Crime.

This movie resurrected Robert Dowenie Jr. Forreals.

Without this movie? We don’t get Iron Man. Don’t even at me dude.

Without Iron Man, starring Robert Downie Jr., We don’t get The Acventgers. We don’t get the MCU.

Come one dude, I see you, Arguing with me. Stiop it.

YOU, arguing with me right now. You’re RDJ in this scenario, bruh…

More than likely… Unless you’re one of those autistic types and you notice that Superman’s mustace got CGI’d out of the movie or whatever… More than likely… you’re not going to know WTF is going on in this movie, I’m not going to lie.


It is so good dude.

I don’t care. I’ll never care.

TBH? I’ll never care WTF you think about this movie.

All’s I know. Is that it’s a Christmas movie. It’s fantastic.

And if you disagree with me? Well…

Minus the “fucked you over” bit.

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