The Worst Top 10…

I mean…

No matter what I sdo… No matter how I try to do any sort of sugarcoating…

This boils down to the women that I find the most attractive. And. Sure. In 2022.. that’s not the most, “IN” thing to do or whatever. But in 2011? As a matter of fact, this was one of the first “top 10” lists I ever created.

My only “OUT” jhere is by saying, Dsave recomended that I write this list,” or something. Since… as I wrote in March of 2011…

Anyways… This was the “bsckup” blog that I’d come to when I couldn’t think of anything else. Yolu know… to blog about. Itr’s something that Dave onces told me to blog about many years abgo on Myspace back when… you kow… Myspace was cool. Pretty much… it’s my top 10 huttest women in the world. It’l be a good time.

Jesus Christ. I used the word, “blog” back then with abbadon or whatever. Gross.

Basicallyt. This whole thing? Was Dace’s idea. At some point in history. That’s why I wrote that top 10 list in marcch of 2011. That’s the reason why I’m writing this rambling now. Because in March of 2011… I fell back on the idea and srtuffs.

Since then?

I’ve declared that I REWDO every top 10 list I ever created. Since 2022 is “The Year of the Top 10s.” And. Uh. The rambling in 2011 exists. So. I NEED to recreate it now.

“BEHIND THE SCENES”: Legit? This whole God damn rambling caused the month0-long break between writings, I swear to God.

So… Yeah.

Essentially? This is my tiop 10 Celebrity crush list,.

Something like that?

So.. let’s fucking go.

10. Edward Norton.

obviously, immediatelym, given that image there, I’m not doing myself any favors. But.

Shut up, crime.

And. As a lesbian. I whole heatedly reject this. But. I can’t?

(mostly because I can’t think of anybody else because I’m THAT pathetic I guess)

As a practicing lesbian, how dare you doubt me… number fucking one. Number fucking two. Again, as a, legit, male lesbian, it’s fair that I include one dude on this here list, right?

Edward Norton… be it his performance in the tfilm aboce, or the operfection that is Fight Club, I don’t care. I’ll forever be an Edward Norton simp. You’ll never pry that away from me. Don’t care.

RANDOM-ish SIDENOTE: I wanted and TRIED MY BEST to find the bit weher he’s all in the shower being asheamed of his tattto there. But I couldn’t find that picture. I’m sorry. I guess I’m a nazi lover now!~! Buh duh bum buh duh buuuuhhh?!

These next two are like… E-H-list celebrities. But. I;’m sorry folks… this is the best that I can do, being the emotional wreck that I am… Or… whoever I am…

#9. Kay Adams

She’s… I don;t know? The spokeswoman for Dick’s Sporting Goods…. crrent;y? Before that? She was a co-host on Good Morning Football and. Dude. She…

Idon’t fucking know?

I’ma just repeat what I’m about to say below, kinda.

Kay Adams is and was just so God damn adorable dude.

She came prepared with FAR more NFL football knowledge than I’d ever know. And dude.

Just… adorable.

Equals. Crush. SO. Shut up… crime? I dunno.

8. Denise Salcedo.

And. Immediatey, We come to the entry that makes me feel like the biggest fucking creep. But. Like.

Forreals. Next to a certain someone, there’s no one in the world, that I’ve seen that’s been more adorable. Like.


Adding her already makes me creepy. So might as well go all the way…

Denise is the most adorable human being I’ve ever witnessed. Period. The end. Bar none. Full stop.

That alone deserves a mention on this list. Cause. Shut up, crime. I guess? I don’t know.

Denise. Most. Adorable. Person. Ever. Period. kybye.

7. Trish Stratus.

I mean.

I’m pretty positive that it’s a writtebn law that Trish needs to be included in a list like this, somewhere.


SDo. There you go.

Obviously? Trish is all of the above. Adorabke, beautifuly, etc, Checks everything. Stuffs and things and words.

Plus Dave is basically holding me at gunpoint and forcing me to create this list. So…


6. Judy Alvarez

Don’t care. Don’t car.e Don’t care. Don’t care. Do’te care. Don’t care.

Whatever you wanna say or are going to say.

I don’t care.

Arguement about Cyberpuhk 2077? dON’T care.

Argument about “not a real person?”

Don’rt fucklig care, bruh.

Judy Alvarez.


For life.

That’s me.

Her story… was among the plethora of things overshadowed by the bullshit that was the piece of shit release of Cyberpunk 2077. Like… I could unleashe my full on lesbianism on this fictional character forever. And I won’t. But whatever.

I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care.

Judy Alvarez. Deserves and NEEDS to be here.


5. Asuka.

Just like her imafge there..

Kanako immediately jumped off of every page ever. For me.

Like, legit?

She was THE reason I cared about women’s wrestling in WWE. She was THE reason I tuned into Raw for quite a while there.

Kana’s got something about her… somethig I could never quantify, I don’t think anyone could… to be honest. She’s got IT in spades.

No. She’s not the “conventional” beautiful person in the world. But like. Look at that overbearing image up there dude.

Come on, right? Shit’s hot as fuck. Don’t care.

#4. Margot Robbie

I mean.

Do I need to say anything here?

Am I right fellas?


I don’t know dude. First glance? Just glance. No matter who you are… Uou can tell tjhat that’s one gorgerous woman right there. RIght? Like.

The Wolf of Wall Street never needed to exist. And stuffs (I mean, yeah… the picture up there comes from the movie but(.

No one NEEDED to see that movie to know just how drop dead gorgeous she is, right?


AmI the piece of shit for saying the obvious?


“Lucky You.” Tattoo. Harley.


jESUS cHRIST I hate doig this.

#3 Emma Stone


I’ve seen Superbad. I’ve seen that movie jsut sas I graduated high school and stuffs.

Emma Stone?

In Superbas? She was the… person out of my reach, but surem, Jonah Hill could nab her. Totally. Made sense. So yeah.

This is what “caused” my “Emma Stone” crush. Superbad.

Obviously, she’s brilliant. Like. Fucking. Deserves WAY better than appearing on this list. But.


Superbad exists. I just got out of high school then.

And. Boom.

Gorgeous as all hell. Amazing as all hell as I can tell. So.

Boom. Emma Stone.

#2. Gal Gadot

I mean?

Wonder Woman? Yeah. Pretty much.

I mena. Sure. I seent Fast and Furious 12teen. But like.

Wonder Woman did iter, right?

Just don’t ask her to start singing “Imagine.” Pleaxe.

1. Sasha Banks.

I mean, sure.

This list is VERY wreslting heavy. But liiek.e Is there ANY denying this?

Like… is there ANY argument that Mercedes is the most beautiful woman on the planet?

I mean… if you wanna argue this… be my guest.

Just know, dude. You’re fucking wrong. By like a mile. Or like. 20,000 kilometers. I’m pretty sure that’s how the metric system works. I dunno. Either way.

I’d never get all Sammy Guevara about it. But.

Likle… obviously… right?

I have no words. I’ve barely had words this entire fucking rambling. So.


There you go.

You’re wlecome. World.



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