End of 2022 Top 10 Round Up

Well… obviously, yes. 2022 is over now. But.


This rambling’s styill gonnsa be awesome. I don’t even care.

Basically? This is going to be the round up, right? I’m just gonna cover everything (that I’ve been able to find) that needs to be redone… and… merhaps I’ll throw in a new top 10 in here or two. We shall see. Euiter way… this’ll be the last of the top 10’s my dudes. For a while. Obviously. It’s not like I’m not ever ever going to write a top 10 in my life again. So help me Abrahamic God (foreshadowing~!)

But yeah.

Now. Remember… these are just my opinions. Favorites. First things that come to mind. Like. I’m nobody, right? Shit’s just what I think. Doesn’t make me right or wrong. Doesn’t make you, if you disagree, right or wrong. Shit’s just for fun.


For the most part? These are listed in forder of when I first wrote them. I’ll give receipts if yuo wanna be all New York Jets about this. Or whatever. Well… as best receiptes as I can, anwyaysx.


So… here we go…

Top 10 Comic Book Heroes – 2011-2013.
(somewheres in Vol. 1… a Rambling.. like this was written, but it included heroes and villains… it was dumb. But buy the book anyways?!)

10. Deadpool He’s this high cause he’s an anti-hero and stuffs. And I mean. I never had a connection to him unstil much later in life. But. Obviously. He’s awesome. So.
9. Robin I mean… damned if he exists.. damned if he don’t? I dunno. Without Robin? There’d be no superhero sidekicks… Criticize all you want. Every Robin is awesome. Somehow.
8. Wonder Woman The more you deep dive into Wonder Woman… shut uop, Michael Scott or… merhaps… William Mourton Marston… the more awesome she becomes. Granted, I was noit a fan of hers as a kid or anything. But like.. her backstory? Her competitiveness? Gal Gadot (minus that one song)? It’s all pretty awesome.
7. Iron Man Dyde’s an alcoholic. So. Boom. But. forreals… He kicked off he MCU (more on this later), Robert Downey is iconic. Good times.
6. Green Lantern Dyde cab do almost anything. Homeboy can bring all the “real people… Batman… Robin.. Green Arrow… whoever… into space and they can survive and stuffs. Like.. Unironically? I loved the Ryan Reynolds movie. The villains sucjed, yes. But Still loved it. Lots of people would have too. But whoops Marvel.
5. Dr. Manhattan Dude could incinerate Superman. No question about it. Too bad Geoff Johns was a pussy and didn’t have them come to blows. Like… at all. But whatever. Sure. Bit of an ant-hero. Whatever. Still is a pretty awesome concept. And merhaps… the best character in Watchmen that is’nt the Comedian?
4. Wolverine *SNIKT*
3. Superman Seriopusly? He’s neck-and-neck with #2. Withoput Superman? None of these characters exists. Not only that, but Superman is the ultimate.. everything. He’s who all of these heroes… the next two included, inspire to be. Whether theyu want to admit it or not. He’s… in… pretty much every way… who most human beings inpire to be. You know? We all, at some level or another, want to be Superman. We all think we are. Especially you Twitter warriors. But More on that later.
2. Spider-Man Thanks, Fox for that amazing animated series in the 90’s. Given, that… I hate Tom Holland. I hate the high schooliness that he represents. But still love me some Spidey,. No matter what.

1. Batman Obviously.

Top 10 Things No One Should Care About – Brand New Top 10

10. What I Say I mean… I keep saying this in my livestreams. Buit hey… I’ll extend it to: What I’ve ever said. Cause like. I’m just. Somebody. With some opinions. Sometimes they’re strong. Sometimes I’m passionate about them. But that doesn’t mean you should ever take what I say to heart. I mean. Sure. I tried the whole, “convincing people to think like I do,” thing. And. Why bother? Right? I dunno. Just… stop it. I’m here. And now? I do my best to be a court hester. Not a pundit. The end.
9. Red Loberster Because I started off this top 10 list WAY earlier last year. And they were fresh on my mind. Buty seafood is gross. If you wanna eat meat that comes out of the world’s toilet. Fine. Be gross. And. Also… something I’m, legit, about to mention
8. Joe Biden Oof. Politics. I don’t talk about them anymore. But like. Come on. The dude’s Woodrow Wilson, without the EXTREME push to the left and the OBVIOUS racism. Uh… So basically.. what I’m saying is, his wife’s, obviously running the country. So. Hate Me. Slay Me.
7. Social Media I mean… ya’ll realize, it’s basically at the root of everything that’s wrong with society. Right? And don’t get me started on…
6. Twitter Number one. Shut the fuck up. It’s not going anywhere just cause Elon Musk owns it now. Number two… I don’t care WTF you’re warrior-ing about on there. Wrestling? Politics? Live tweeting reality shows? Shtuf the fukc up. Dude. Like. Get over yourself. If I can do it. Anyone can. Like. It’s not that hard. Let people have different opinions. It’s cool. You know?
5. MCU I mean. Critical Drinker said it best.  But forreals. They jumped the shark. Basically at Infinity WarEnd Game was pretty good, not gonna lie. “Avegners Assemble” brought a tear to my eye/ “I am Iron Man” did too. Not gonna lie. Biot… Shark = jumped after Infinity War. They landed the jump, successfully, with End Game… Something like that? But I mean.. in generall…
4. Hollywood I mean. Critical Drinker said it best. But forreals. Who the hell gives a shit about anything the hive mind of collegiate writers and spoonfed bullshit that’s just… fucking gross out of 90% of Hollywood these days. Just…. FFS…

Best thing I’ve seen from Hollywood all year.

3. Advertisers Now hold up. This isn’t how it sounds. Advertisers? Ya’ll need to give up all of your “market research.” Trying to relate to Millenials and Gen Z is a totally futile prospect. Ya’ll need to stop this. Immediately. From Old Navy’s recent Holliday “HASHTAG SORRY NOT SORRY” camp[aign. To Red Lobster trying to tell us all that “Lobsterthon” or whatever the fuck they were trying to convey is, “lit,” ya’ll need to stop. Every. Single. REMOTELY conventional. Form of advertising needs to stop. Period. Ya’ll are doing it wrong. Denny’s might’ve had a “lit” tumblr for a minute. And Wendy’s might’ve struck gold with their Twitter. But. Stop. The WORST offender. Is obviously…
2. Liberty Mutual Like. Literally. Absolutely. Not. One. Fucking. Advertisement. This. Company. Has. Ever. Made. Has. Made. Me. Consider. Purchasing. Any. Fucking. Thing. They’re. Selling. In. Fact. If. You. Have. Liberty. Mutual. Insurance. On. Any. Fucking. Thing. Never. Interact. With. Me. Again. In. Any. Capacity.
HONORABLE MENTION: Verizon Wireless… In the same vein as the last two… it’s become annoying as all hell. Just saying.
1. Politics MERHAPS. I should replace this with 24 hour news. Merhaps. But at the center of what I’m trying to get at here is… Left-leaning readers… people… whomever… If you don’t live in the state of George. Right? And you’re… you know… all about “DEMOCRACY.” Why the fuck do you care about how the state of Georgia votes? Again. You’re ALL ABOUT. “DEMOCRACY.” You don’t live in that state. Stop it. I promise. This is the last. Ever. Political statement I’ll ever write. Stop. Caring. About. Politics. If I can do it. You can.

The end?

Top 10 Albums – April 27, 2013

10. My Own Prison – Creed Middle school emoness. Sue me.
9. Master of Puppets – Metallica Too many good songs to ignore.
8. S&M – Metallica Basically, a Metallica “best of” but sometimes “better of,” sometimes “worst of,” sometimes “new, awesome of.” It’s great.
7. Young Beauties and Fools – The Glorious Sons Outside of two songs that I’ll talk about soon… there’s practically nothing here that’s great about my so-called “modern day Beetles.”
6. A War on Everything – The Glorious Sons Way more awesome songs… even if they’re none of those will be discussed soon.
5. The Eminem Show – Eminem Got me through a lot of middle school and high school angst. And. I mean. Don’t care.
4. The Neon God (Part 1 and Part 2) – W.A.S.P. Meant a lot to me. For a long ass time. Still great songs. And I swear to god, there needs to be some sort of Chris Benoit “tribute” video thing set to the song, “What I’ll Never Find.”
3. Metallica – Metallica Easily, this is the only Metallica album that has no skippable songs. Most songs here? They’ll live fiveever.
2. Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem Coming of age. Childhood. Middle school. High school. Angst. Awesome. Perfect. And it’s a miracle of modern society that Eminem is still allowed to exist, today. Given that. You know… this album exixsrs.

1. The Crimson Idol – W.A.S.P. It means far too much to me. It means far too much to lots of people close to me. It’s bizarre. It’s amazing. And I’ve got a lyric or two kinda, sortam tattooed on my body. Like. Stop it.

Top 10 Underrated Wrestlers/Wrestling Personalities – Brand New Top 10

10. Joey Styles I mean. He’s THIS high for a reason. He’s not recognized, like MAJORLY as the amazing play-by-play announcer that he was/is/hopwever time wortks. The hardcores love him. But generally? He’s unknown. Dude deserves flowers. Even if. You know. Even I’M LIKE… this thing is problematic. And I never say that word. Ever/
9. Randy Anderson Dude was a key feature in making me fall i n love with wrestling. From being fi8red by Bischoff to  dramattically calling the bell when Hogan submitted to the Torturee Rack by Luger. Don’t care. Easily? If I were to rank top 10 referees? He’s somewheres around Chioda and someone that’s coming up in a secong here.
8. Santino Marella Even Brian Zane said recently (something close to), Santino was like… tge only reason to watch WWE in all of 2008. No. Zane didn’t SAY that. Or anything close to it. But I promise. You summumagun… it was a little bit close to it! Either way. I stand by him as a SOLID #8: Best wrestker if akk time. And he’s also #8. Most underrated. Hate Me. Slay Me.
7. Mark Curtis I mean. Damn near, best referee ever. Hildebrand was, by all accounts, one of the most lovely, beloved and awesome people in the carnie bullshit that is wrestling. So. The fact that it’s basically his likeness that you see when ya’ll get together at those conventions and duke it out in WCW/nWo Revenge and stuffs… just love it. Love him. He was great each ang every time I saw him on screen. So.
6. Ballz Mahoney/Axl Rotten Quickly… Axl’s here mostly due to Ballz. But. Funy thing is… both of these mofos were actually pretty damned skilled technical wrestlers. Ballz moreso than Axl, yes. I mean. Watch the infinity war Ballz had with RVD for the ECW TV title, on Peacock/WWE Network, dude. Homeboy was countering into standoffs like his name was Jerry Lynn sometimes. Kinda. Either way. Both. Both were good.
5. Lance Storm If I could be serious for a munute. Not only did I consider including him in an upscoming top 10.. but dude was never boring. WWE just barely gave him an iopportunity. And I mean… I don’t care. UnAmericans? They were bad ass heels. Loved them. And if I could be serious for a moment. WCW properly used Lance Storm. The fucking Hitler of professional wrestling, Russo. Was able to make Lance Storm gold. Where the… I dunno… Thjomas Eddison of professional wrestling, Vince McMahon, felt it necessary to throw Steve Autstin out there and tell a nationwide audience that this dude was boringl. Whatever.
4. Joel Gertner Watch Hartcore TV on Network/Peackonc. Whatever. Watch all; the PPV’s Dudleyz were on. Watch ECW on TNN. Joel Gerter was brilliant on the microphone. Dude could convince you that… I’m… me, I’m talking about… you know… me… I AM weighing in at a slim, trim, lean, chizzled and jaaaaaaacked 165 lbs. Right now. He’d convinve all of you of it. I promise.
3. Billy Gunn Brio, It’s sad that JUST NOW… Billy’s getting all sorts of love. Dude was always pretty fucking awesome for his size and everything. Was he a perfect promo? No. Did he deserve to be burried by The Rock when he was getting pushed? No. Did The Rock do anything wrong by being The Rock and burying him? No. Just. Dude’s like 6’5″ or whatever. And could do a fucking headscicors. Back in the day when jaecked mofos barely liked to bump. You know? Billy could always go. Always was believable. Finall;y gort a push. And got burried. At least he’s using office equiptment to get his rightful flowers now.
2. Tommy Dreamer Outside f Raven? Who… could be on this list…? But I think far too many of us think highly enough of Scotty to include him. But outside of Raven? Oh… and RVD… and… Jerry Lyn… Probably others… Whatever. I don’t care. Tommy’s my third facorite ECW dude of all ti9me. I mean… the next person’s kinda gonna make that statement seem like, HUH?! but… I dunno. Tommy needs more flowers. Even if, he, merhaps, said something stupid to Dark Side of the Ring cameras last year, or however time works. He easily is a display of some of the best rubg psychology ever.
HONORABLE MENTION: Ultimo Dragon… kinda sorta like number one. Ish. But not at all really. Dude just deserves WAY too much credit. He’s TNA AJ Styles MIXED with TNA Low Ki… you know… those great earlier years… both of them combined. Dude dersevers SO MUCH credit. But whatever.

1. Mike Awesome Imagine Hulk Hogan. With… damn near tbe agility of Rob Van Dam. That’s Mike Awesome. Merhaps not the promo of Hogan. Merhaps. But I mean. He wasn’t Chris Benoit on the mic, either. You know? Mike Awesome, I think, is professional wrestling’s greatest tragedy.  OK… hold up. Obviously, Benoit. All ofg that. That’s the greatest. But like. Dude shoulda been a billionaire just off of his skills alone. Then Russo turned him into a 70’s guy. And a fat chick thrilla. Sad.

Top 10 Songs – November 7, 2014

10. “Everything is All Right” by The Glorious Sons More than likely? This song has the best music video I’ve ever watched. So. Immediate entry. And stuffs.
9. “Symphony No. 5” by Ludwig Van Beethoven I mean… it’s pretty much the most iconic symphony in music history? Sure. We’ll go with that.
8. “Carry on my Wayward Son” by Kansas  It’s obviously about Kennedy. Shut up. Lol… if you knolw… you know.
7. “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel It’s obviously about 9/11. Shut up. Lol… if you know… you know.
6. “Gone Away” by The Offspring It’s obviously about homeboy’s girlfriend that died in a car accident. Except. Hold up. ‘Eyyyy. dun dun dun…. it’s not at all. But it’s so fucking powerful and amazing. Means a lot to me and my family. Even though. You know… those feelings aren’t mutual. And stuffs. Something like that. Just as a song in general, shit’s powerful as fuck. The end.
5. “Rape Me” by Nirvana This song? It means a shit ton to me. Nirvana is amazing. This song is powerful as all fuck. And just. Ooof.
4. “Enter Sandman” by Metallica This ong? It’ll be one of the fourish things that will survive a nuclear holocaust or even an astroid strike and shit, dude. No matter what. THis song, will. Never. Die.
3. “S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)” by The Glorious Sons This is the epitome of modern musical genius? Something like that? It’s catchy as fuck. The lyrics are meaningful as all hell. And. Fuck you.
2. “The Way I Am” by Eminem Teenaged. Angst. Awesome. Fuck you? I don’t know. Love it still. Still is basically a slogan to live by. I guess.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, “Outside” by Staind, “Rollin'” Limp Bizkit, “Bawitdaba” Kid Rock, “U” by W.A.S.P. “Unholy Terror/Charisma” W.A.S.P., “Runaway” (Cover) The Glorious Sons, “Hit ‘Em Up” by 2Pac, “Sing for the Moment” by Eminem… Obviously more…

1. “The Idol” by W.A.S.P. I’ve got a lyric from tjhe song, kinda, sorta tattooed on me. Was my first of many regretableish tattoos/ (more on this next year?) So. Yeah. I gues… no matter how much I try to escape it. I never can. Cool?

Top 10 Wrestling Tag Teams – Brand New Top 10

10. Road Warriors/Legion of Doom Obviously. Right? I mean. I was only a fan of theirs during the “LOD 2000” stage. And like… alcoholic Hawk. And stuffs. But. Still was a fan. Still appreciated. Cool.
9. Benoit and Angle Like. I hate it that this is here. But I can’t argue my way out of it.  ican’t I’m sortry. They were an amazing tag team. That I loved. Abd tget were great, Shutup crime. Hate Me. Slay Me.
8. The Young Bucks Yeah…. I loved me some Generation Me. LMAO. That was my intruduction to them . And their Impact match against the Guns. Fucking awesome. Fucking. Love everything. ABout them. Expect when they kicked a door down. And blah blah blah. Shut up crime.
7. Harlem Heat Hulk Hogan… we comin for you…
6. Steiner Brothers Like… besides the upcoming number one? And an honorable mention that rhymes with “client/toother.” They are the reason I love tag teams. So. Thanks.
5. Edge and Christian I never had the benefit of flash photography. But fucking 2000? WWF? Amazing.
4. Dudleyz I never had the benefit of ECW Dudley Boys when I was young. But fucking. 2000? WWF? Amazaing.
3. The Hardy Boyz Dude… I watched them at like 2:00am or whenever it was that Shotgun Saturday Night would come on in like early0-mid ’99. I saw them doing that splash/leg drop combo. And I was hooked. Matt and Jeff are amazing. Obviously. But fucking 2000? WWF? Amazing.
2. New Age Outlaws Ladies and gentlemen… I could typoe out the whole thing. But shut up.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Los Guerreros, Beer Money, Sting/Luger, Giant/Luger, Rock n’ Sock Connection, Motor City Machine Guns, FTR

1. The Outsiders Pretty much, the reason I fell in love wih trag team wrestling. And. I mean… in the grand scheme of things, wrestling in general. So. Don’t care.

Top 10 Batman Movies – April 24, 2015

10. “Batman and Robin” I was a kid in ’97. I liked it. Arnold was damn near a perfect choice for Freeze. Thurmas was a perfect choice for Ivy. Writing? Direction? Everything? Dumb. Obviously. Even now, though, I can still apprecieate it as this clolorfuol, attempt at ’60’s style bright knight that it is. Kinda.
9. “Jostice League” Dude. I don’t. Fucking. Care. If ya’ll didn’t KNOW that Cavill’s lip was CGI’d (like I didn’t), you wouldn’t fucking notice it. Shut. the. Fuck. Up. That’s number one. Number two. The “Marvelization” with humor and stuffs… especially Aquaman being tied up in the lasso of truth and shit? It was MUCH needed. Brevity was NEEDED. Kevin Smith (BLAH!~! I KNOW, whatever), watched the movie with Jason Mewes for the first time. From Kevin’s mouth, Jason nudged him to point out parademons. And from Kevin’s mouth, “Bro, sometimes, that’s all you need.” Dude. This movie was FILLED with “Broth, that’s all you need,” for me. Superman carrying out a fucking building whilst Flash rushed to save a car? Awesome. The end credits scene with Luthor and Deathstroke? FUCKING AMAZING! Ugh… I’ll forever. Forever. And ever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Forever. Terry. Funk. Forever. Argue. This was a WAY better movie than The Avengers. Sorry.
8. Batman (’66) Kinda like Batman and Robin but WAY better, right? Plus, I’d have been even younger when I first watched it? And like.. Adam West. Batman. The end. Oh… Burt Ward. Robin. The en.d Oh… Bridgess Merideth. Penguin. The end. Oh… Frank Gorshin. Ruddker, Oh…
7. Batman Forever Batman and Robin, but WAY better, right? Plus… younger.. plus.. better Schumacherisms. Plus.. Just… better.
6. The Dark Knight Rises I mean,,, fir a good, LONG time there… I’d say this is #2. Hell… somewheres in Vol. 1 I called it the best movie ever (which I also corrected shortly thereafter… but whatever). And no… I have nothing against like… the biggest plothole people bitch about, HOW DID BRUCE GET BACK TO GOTHAM WITH NO MONTHERY~!?! Bruh… he got across the world with no money, from Gotham, in the next movie I’m gonna talk about. Shut up. In the grand scheme of things? The upcoming movie is better. I mean.. Talia al Ghul’s death schene immediately knocks tgus film down a peg or… I guess.. five?
5. Batman Begins See? This movie’s undoubedtly better.
4. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm All’s I know. For sure. Is this movie’s awesome. I haven’t watched it TOO many times to like… DEEEEEEEEP dive into it. But I know what’s going on here. All’s I knlw is that MY Batman is here. THE Joker is here. And there’s a pretty awesome story told here. That’s plenty.
3. The Batman Dude. This is DAMN NEAr… hell… I’d say it’s a Ventrilquist/Scarface inclusion away from being THE… not a.. but THE Batman movie I’ve wanted to see as an adault. Minus that split personality character mentioned? The Riddler here is pretty dumb. Like. He almost ruins it all. Almostr. Just cause… Riddler’s not… what they protrayed him as, you know? I dunno. Paul Dano was a PERFECT cast. But I expected something like this. Not what we got. I’ve eenv come to appreciate Battinson’s Bruce Wayne’s awkwardisms. This is only his secon year as the Bat. His true self. He’d not gonna have the Bruce Wayne mask figured out yet. Still hate the eyeliner though.
2. Batman (’89) Through all of it’s faults. Through all of the dislike of Michael Keaton as Batman that I have. Without this movie’s existence? I’d never care avouyt Vatman. At all. Because my mom worked at a video store. And I had OLDER brothers. Batman (’89) was introduced to me on VHS. And. Apparently… when I was 3-years-old, I could damn near recite the movie by heart. Or so it’s been exagerated to me. Nicholson is still the second best Joker of all time. All that. Michael Gough is DAMN NEAR “MY” Alfred. Just. Good times. Even if Batman kills Joker.
HONORABLE MENTIONS: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Yes, it’s Snyder in all of the worst ways. Yes the “Martha” moment is dumb, but true AS FUCK to the Batman character. Either way. I still enjoyed it. Up untill Superman died. For no reason.), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (No, it doesn’t have AS MANY “Bro, that’s all you need” moments as “Jostice League,” but there’s still plenty of awesome shit to love here. Minus a random Awquaman choir or two), Batman Returns (I’ve been on record for a LONG ass time that I HATE this movie. But. Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer are too awesome too COMPLETELY ignore)

1. The Dark Knight I Mean…. I JUST months ago recently called it the best movie ever made (basically). I knew this was comiong. You knew this was coming. He knew this was coming, She knew this was coming. HEY! It’s the movuie I wanted to see since I was 60ears-old. And it’s, really, only got one thig going against it. In my eye. But even that’s NO WHERE NEAR a deal breaker. I’m just talking about… The death of Two-Face. More on that in a bit… Kinda….

Top 10 Villains – Brand New Top 10
(with origins kinda dating back to… whenever that comic book hero/villain list was written, but now, it’s ALL villains)

10. Jason/Michael I mean. They’re basically the same person. But different. Obviously. And like… give me Jason vs. Michael WAY before Freddy vs. Jason, Right?
9. Jigsaw Speaking of horrorw… might as well mention my favorite… I guess.
8. Toby Flenderson He ruins everything. Dude sucks. He’s the worst. Obviously.
7. Calvin Candie Now… I’m justsad that it took me as long as it did to watch Django Unchaned. Cause like. Damn. Fucking brilliant film that. And. Lep NEEDS to be a heel more often. Merhaps SLJ’s Stephen is a worse billain. But nah. Leo nails ALL of it. Awesomely. SLJ does too, of course. But. I dunno.
6. Two-Face My favorite Batman villain. Shut up.
5. Hannibal Lecter I mean. Outside of JK Simmons and J. Jonah Hameson, there’s never been a more perfect actor for a cgaracter, Ever? Merghaos?
4. Lex Luthor I mean… without Lex Luthor, dare I say you have no “evil scientist” (hello Nikola Tesla!). Dare I say, you have no Gordon Gekko? Arguements. Arguments.
3. Joker Kevin Smith (BLAH~! i KNAOW~! BLAH BALH BLAH~!( said it best. When he said something akin to, “Joker’s become the new Hamlet. He’s a character actors aspire to portray.” Because. Yeah dude. Theanks, Heath.
2. The Abrahamic God Let’s get real here. According to many tales, this dude is a prick. And he expects us to praise “Him?” Yet. He conveniently causes all of his different followers to hate each other and go to war with each other. Like… legit… a good HALF of the world’s problems started with daddy Abraham issues. OH NO~! THAT’S INSENSITIVE~! Or some shit. But shut up. It’s true. And. Just. Shut up. Religion is stupid. All of it. BUT Yuo do you. I’ll still love you either way. No matter if your Abrahamic God, or the teachings of that god, may have taught you to hate me. I’ll be here. Chillin. And loving you. All of you. And I don’t expect you to sing songs to me. Ever. Or kneel down in a certain direction every day. Or… anything. I love you.

1. Jenny Dude. She. Strings. Along. A. Mentally. Challenged. Man. For. Decafes. Then. Forces. Herself. On. Him. To. Conceive. A. Child. Then. Guilts. Him. Into. Marriage. Due. To. Parentage. Whilst. She. Knows. She’s. Dying. From. A. Disease.


She’s got SEVERAL questions.

How fucking evil. Could a human being be? Right? Merhaps Eric Roth and Winston Groom are the real evil onces here. Merhaps it’s Robert Zemeckis to blame. I dunno. Either way. Jenny. Like. Ist worse than “God.” That’s how evil a character this person is.

Top 10 Video Games – August 29, 2020
(yes, I know this is super recent, but I totally fucked it up… yes.. that recently, so here’s a, hopefully, quick redo)

10. Witcher 3 I mean, it’s GREAT. FUCKING BRILLAINT event. But. It’s not #3. Like I said it was twoish years ago.
9. Goldeneye Basically the same I said last time.
8. Tetris/Mario Basically the same I said last time.
7. Mario 64 Basically the same I said last time.
6. No Mercy Basically the same I said last time.
5. Skyrim I have NO idea how I didn’t include this in the top 10 and only made it available in the honorable mentions. Dude. I’ve spent HUNDREDS of hours in Skyrim. Because it belongs to the Nords! Or… something…
4. Fallout (4, specicially) Dude… See Skyrim. And like… I’ll make a video of my tours available. At some point. Fucking loved the settlement creation bit, me.
3. Red Dead Redemption 2/Red Dead Online I have no idea how this was only #10, last time. Everything I said before was valid. And plus, through Red Dead Online, I’ve met some of the best human beings I’ve ever come across. So. Yeah. Fuck me, 2-ish years younger version of me that didn’t spend time in RDO. You idiot.
2. Mass Effect Basically what I said last time.
1. GTA San Andreas And still. Your reinging. Defending. Undisputed. Best video game. Of all time.

Thus. I leave you.

Another year’s come.

Just like every other one, right?

Like… I know pretty much gave up on “end of year” shit years ago when I started doing haikus. But like… I don’t even think 2022 is even worth a year in haikuys. So.

There you have it you guys.

When I care, I guess…

I’ll announce what 2023’s gonna be. I kinda eluded to it earlier. About a tattoo of mine. But I’m not even sold on that. We shall see.

But for now…

I guess….

I’ll leave with haikus
Because twenty-twenty-two
Was bullshit my dudes

The Batman was the
Best movie of the whole year
There’s no doubt ’bout this

I found Young Rock on
NBC, I like it dude
Those actors, though, man…

Uh, what else to say?
Didn’t play any new games
Merhaps Wreckfest counts?

Seriously now?
Can I say anything else?
Just watch my YouTube

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