The Wrestling Matches That Are Honorable (QUICK RAMBLING?!)

So… here’s the accompaniying “quick rambling” that’s the honorable mentions.

As with most honorable mentions.. these will be in no particular iorder. Other than this first match. Which whilll probably get the most written about it over any other match. And stuffs. QAnd things. Whatavery. Buhdumbuhdumbuh!



Kris Sprules vs, Cage Tyler

Man. There are no words to describe how awesome this match is. If I were to ever do a Desert Island Graps… this would be one of the three matches I’d choose. Not because of the obvious reasons. But because. As Thomas Campbell has described numerous times…. At it’s core… professional wrestling is inherently nonsense. Which… god damn it. This match displays in full. So much so… I thought that Tom Campbell of Cultaholic fame… Dude that’s done work for the LEGIT BBC and such… he’d shy away from this silly, little, amazing match that he… created.

But no, dude.

Tom Campbell. With all of his successes.

Owned up to the fact that. Yeah dude. He did this.

I even gave him a way out, only mentioning “The Biggun in Wigan,” but. Nope. Dude just owned up to it. Without hesitation. Even doubling down. So damn it dude. I’m doubling down. As seen here.

Shut up crime.

Obviously. This match is dogshit. Tom Campbell made this match amazing. And no matter what, gun to my head? Kris Sprules. Versus. Cage Tyler. Will. Always. Be. One of my favorite matches of all time.

As a matter of fact. It takes the #10 spot. Luger/Hogan, as beautifulc as it was.. Kris Sprules making himself more aero dynamic against Cage Tyler will forever take the cake. That average looking hussie, Melina, be damned! And. My next efed character will definately use the dreaded Sprules Belly Bush! FFS. God bless Tom Campbell.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. (Halloween Havoc ’97)

I mean. This could’ve easily taken the pl;ace of any of those top 10 matches I mentioned before. This match, I mean… if you exclude the works of every luchadore that did their damndest, and succeeded, in making WCW Monday Nitro the phenomena that it was… IS the modern wrestling match. In 1997.

Tjese twp are goiong to merge together. Kinda. Because. Obvious reasons.

This would become the second to last Savage/Hogan match. Ever. And I saw it live. So.

That’s kinda cool? I mean. It weouldn’t be as cool as… you know… seeing….

Raven vs. Goldberg

These things happened on the same show, mind you. I saw both of these thinga happen live. Granted, I was like… (from the perspective of that “W” next to Raven in that still frame there) some 200 feet up and against the wall of the artena. So… yeah. I DISTINCTIVELY remember seeing Booker T behind the curtain and stuffs before he made his entrance on this show.

Blah… Sting wasn’t there. So. I hated it. Even if Bret was there to make his heel turn or whatever.

I did get a Luger “live event” flag thing out of it though. I still got it… somewhwres.


I can’t find highlights opf it but damn it…

Any DDP/Raven match was a good time. Shit the Uncensored match with Benoit was something I loved.


Obviously. Any Benoit/Angle match. Duh. Honorable mention.

Rock/Mankind at the 99 Rumble. For all of the wrong reasons that made the Attitude Era awesome.

Mankind/Big Show at the 99 Backlash for the sameish Attitude Era reasons.

Dean Malenko/Jericho at Slamboree 98. Because fuck you. That pop.

Jericho/Michaels… whenever.

And probably Sting/Hogan at Starrcade. As shitty as it was. it still sent everyone happy. Made the most moneyes. Did everything you want in a wrestling show.

Fuck Dave Meltzer.

I don’t know.

There’s so many God damn matches that have happened.

Fuck it.

The first Kane/SNITSKY~! match. That’s a given. HEI-DEN-REICH vs. Taker at the Rumble in a Casket match. ONLY because it had the SNITSKY/HEI-DEN-REICH~! promo preceding it. I’ll never, ever, ever forgive the ‘E of not giving us Brothers of Destruction vs. THE GREATEST TAG TEAM EVEER ENVISIONED BY GOD HIMSELF… You iknow…. SNITSKY~!/HEI-DEN-REICH~!…

Also… Cena vs. CM Punk at MITB. Obviouslt.

There’s so many honorable mentions that I’m not invluding. Like… the early Hardcore title matches that MADE me switch to become a WWF fan. To like… Awesome/Spike Dudley. TO like… Santino Marella almost winning any match that he almost won. I’m forgetting them all. But I’ve never forgot Kris Sprules vs. Cage Tyler.

Kiss kiss, love you bye.

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