10DoT10: #8: The Family Man



This is one of Nic Cage’s vest acting jobs.

I mean.

It goes… Kick Ass

And thend this. The Family Man. Merhaps thatr newish movie where he plays him self is up there too. Maybe Dog of War? Is that what that movie was called? Merhaps he was great in that too.

But mostly. This movie. Besides Kick Ass. The end.

Why? Because this is such a blah, easy role. But like. Not only that… He actually pulls it off so great. I dunno.

All of the Christmasy vibes. Every. Happen, you know?

You need family and shit for Christmas to be REAL.

FFS… All’s I care about is REAL shit, dude. I dunno.

The Family Man is real shit. And I love it. A lot.

It’s a great time if you haven’t seent it.

I did my best? Merhaps?

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