10Do10CM: #7: The Christmas Chronicles

Who knew that all you needed was Kuyrt Russel as Santa to make an awesome Christmas movie?

Yeah dude. Christmass Chronicles is legit.

Chris Coloumbus and stuffs being a big time producer behind it? The movies’s a great time.

Like… iot’s got everything you could ever want from a Christmas movie. Even elves that are basically minions. Which, I’m pretty sure isn’t something anyone asked for. But. It still works awesomely.

I dunno man.

The Christmas Chronicles is, thus far, the only one of these 10 movies, I think, that has ever brought a tear to my eye. But that just says more about modern me then it does any of the other movies or anything. But that’s neighter her e nor there. I mean, if I were to watch The Famiy Man again, I’m sure that shit would make my cry like a baby. But.


I dunno man.

Like I said.

Who knew, all you needed to make Christmas movies awesome again was to have Kurt Russell play Santa, right?

But then The Christmas Chronicles 2 happened.

Let’s just move on to #6. Yeah?

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