10Do10CM: #7: The Christmas Chronicles

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Who knew that all you needed was Kuyrt Russel as Santa to make an awesome Christmas movie?

Yeah dude. Christmass Chronicles is legit.

Chris Coloumbus and stuffs being a big time producer behind it? The movies’s a great time.

Like… iot’s got everything you could ever want from a Christmas movie. Even elves that are basically minions. Which, I’m pretty sure isn’t something anyone asked for. But. It still works awesomely.

I dunno man.

The Christmas Chronicles is, thus far, the only one of these 10 movies, I think, that has ever brought a tear to my eye. But that just says more about modern me then it does any of the other movies or anything. But that’s neighter her e nor there. I mean, if I were to watch The Famiy Man again, I’m sure that shit would make my cry like a baby. But.


I dunno man.

Like I said.

Who knew, all you needed to make Christmas movies awesome again was to have Kurt Russell play Santa, right?

But then The Christmas Chronicles 2 happened.

Let’s just move on to #6. Yeah?

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