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Drunken Watching of… Poltergeist (1982)

Destruction or not… And I mean… I need to keep up traditions. Right? Well… I mean… this is as much of a yearly tradition that [more…]

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Dude… I Need to Talk about Owen Hart…

Originally, I was just going to include this bit about Owen Hart, the episdoe of Dark Sideof the Ring, et al, in with the final, [more…]

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The Cyberpunk M-word

Last time… My mischievous, minuscule mousings made months prior made a mortician magnify the mistakes of a mere middle-schooled misfit. Moreover, the mafia is mischieviously [more…]

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Story Teller

This rambling? It;s an autobiographical piece of nonsense. Mostly. Starting with. You know. That image up there. That Batman action figure? It’s now worth like [more…]

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*MY* Mass Effect: Andromeda Spoilers

Pretty much, like, as soon as I found out that Mass Effect: Andromeda was officioually going to be released on Mrch 21, 2017. I immediately [more…]