The Cyberpunk M-word

Last time…

My mischievous, minuscule mousings made months prior made a mortician magnify the mistakes of a mere middle-schooled misfit. Moreover, the mafia is mischieviously “Muhwahahaha’ing,”¬† over the malcontent of the manipulation by media masking the phrase, “mob.”

Because. Dude. That’s what’s happening here. People get outraged. Over nothing. Form a mob. And ruin. Everything. FFS. South Park, the once edgy, “banned by conservatives and liberals alike” hasn’t even dared to fight against the SJW mob. Which. Basically. says everything you need to know, right?

But here we are. E3. 2918. Happens. And. Really, the only game I’m looking forward to, does all of this.

And. It’s You know. Followed by…

And. I mean. There’s more. But. I don’t have virgin ears. ANd fuck censorship of every kind. Because. Of course. No “mainstream” Youtuber platform is going to post the full conference with naughty words througout, right?

But of course, much like last year, a Cyberpunk 2077 trailer was released. And for those in attendence, “journlaists,” in particular, were shown a 40+ minute demo of the game, which would go on to be released publically in August. So. Once again. Year of our Lord, 201i9. E3’s upon us. Another trailer and revealness happens. And boom. “Journalists” and attendees get access to the gameplay demo that’ll be forthcoming in Augsut.

And so the ourage begins.

An article from “Rock Paper Shotgun!” You know, the most PROGRESSIVE~! of places!


And. Before I go into the fucking, maniputled by outrage, manufactured, machinery about man-prts. Let’s go deep into this whole, “racism” claim.

Basicallu. “Rock Paper Shockgun” “juirnalist” that viewed the E2 demo was OUTRAGED!@ Because. He’s a white, cis-maled (uh-oh, merhaps I misclassified your gender?! Since, you know, “assuming” is too offensive these days.) progressive-leaning person. Whom, did, exactly: 0% research about the game. But he feltg the need to criticize how uncomfortable he felt watching a white, cis-gendered, straight male, shooting a bunch of black people calling themselves “Animals.”



The fuck kinda world do you live in, right?

Again. You did EXACTLY 0% research of this game. Period. And you’re criticizing it because you’re a cunt. Period. The end. No. I’m not being an “alt-right cunt,” although, my existence, disagreeing with you, obviously says otherwise, Dude.

You don’t even have to watch a FULL minute of this to realize you’re being a stupid cunt. FULL CHARACTER CUSTIMIZATION is a thing. You could be a black dude, shooting up black assholes calling themselves, “Annimals.” You could be a Hispanic woman shooting up a bunch of people proclaiming to be, “VooDoo Boys,” Y0u stupid cunt. You didn’t do a DROP of research to fullfill your outrage, “SJW” meter to back up the TOTAL social injustices you witnessed IN A FUCKING VIDEO GAME.

I mean.

An. Actual. YouTube. Journalist. Destroys you. Forreals.

But of courze.

We can’t have an “SJW knife fight” without some sort of “transgenderism,” things. Happening.




Bcause. There’s something here. Shwon… somewhere. In something released to the public from the time of this writing. This… These pictures of advertising are SO VERY OFFENSIVE!

At first glance, I’m like, “OK,there’s a woman there. Second glance? Something about limits. With a fallus. And then there’s some “gangsta” dude on about chemistry.

Oh. Wait a minute? There’s something outrageous about this image? Forreals?

Uh. Again. phallic. Symbolism¬† with “There is no Limit.”

Have I served you right, SJW, masterrace?


Uh. Oh. I know. Dude on the left there. He’s all thuggish. AND APPEARS TO BE BLACK! Obvious racism. So woke am I!



Oh. FFS.

Ya’ll have been staring ath the pelvic region of this woman this whole time? Fucking pervs.

So. Let’s see. Pelvic rehion exposes an errection. On this female.

And. We’re still outraged?



We got outraged. cause. You know. CDPR )the developre of the game) was so insensitive for using a “transphobic joke<” manhy=a moon ago.



Again. The Social Justice mob has been out for this game. Since the fucking beginning. For no fucking reason. CDPR keeps cow-twoing to these cunts. And it’s NEVER good enough. See: Chic-Fil-A. Right? Their owener supported same-sex marriage eight years agoo. And. OH NO! They can’t even have a place in our ULTRA-LIBERAL! cities. Or whatever dumbass protest exists. They don’t back down. To the outrage mob. And. Uh. They’re now. Like. The 3-5th highest grossing restaurant chain in America. So.

And. FFS. No. I’m not advocating for “anti-LGTBQIA+” shit. At all. But. Forreals.

Theis. This outrage mob. Is looking for outrage. Under. NOTHING. GENUINE. At all.

I mean.

Come on.


Dude. I’m so fucking done with thr outrage mob.

I’m done wigth all these cunting mobs.

Forreals. Quit being a cunt, like Annita Sarkeesian made money at bewing such. Right? Her “business model” has basically already been destoryed. The last cross she had to bare was Cyberpunk 2077. And. She’s failed. Miserably.

Again. I refer you to the ACTUAL journalist video shown above (forrealz, the dude has enough restraint to say something along the lines of, “those offended might be justifies.” But. No. Dude. They aren’t. At all.

Again. I’m done with the mob.


SJW’s? Liberals? Peoples? QUIT being the censorship mob that made you popular in the 90’s. Quit being the “conservatives.” Trying to censor… ANYTHING.

FFS. Dudes. YOU ARE. “Moms Against Canada.” Trying to cennsore artwork. And. FORCE artwork to confide to EVERYTHING you believe. Right? How hard is this? Keep “politics” out of video games. Period.

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