Bojacking Horsemens

Last year. Probably around the thime season four was released. I finally watched the show, Bojack Horseman. And dude. I wasn’t disappointed right?

Aaron Paul’s doing his best work since Breaking Bad by playing a more… uh… cartoony… verysion of Jesse Pinkman. Will Arnett is the amazing asshole he always can be as the title character. Allison Bri is. You know. Allison Brie. And stuffs. JK Simmons is also involved sometimes. But really, the whole voice cast is fantasic. Obviously.

But man.

Season five?

Released like… a couple weeks ago?

Jesus Chrsit dude.

It’s beyond amazing.

This character. Half-hores-half-man-picg. Thing. Actorness. If you can watch it and NOT give a shit? You’re absolutely soleless. Right?

Just. Dude.

Forreals. Just as a stand-alone. Watch S5E6, “Free Churro.”

Tell me you don’t have feels. And then bust out laughing in the end.

If you watch the episode and niehter of those things are true. You have no soul man.

basically. All I’m trying to say right now is:

  1. Bojack Horseman is a fantastic, adult animation show.
  2. Season five absolutely proves this.
  3. The episode, “Free Churro” is DEFINITELY going to win the Emmy for the show. If it doesn’t. Then the world is SERIOUSLY insane.
  4. Just fucking watch Bojack Horseman.

The thing that hed me back from watching it for so long was, of course, the whole premise of the thing. Right? It’s based in a world of half-horse-half-man-pigs. And half-dogs-half-man-pigs. And half-fish-half-man-pigs. And everything else. Right?

As a premise. That seems dumb as hell, right?

But really. You get hooked into the world of Hollywoo (no typoe) easily. And you look WAY beyond that fact within the first season. But again. I’ll go back to this latest season, right?

There’s a moment in the background. Some main characters are eating at a restaraunt. Thing. And like. Behind them, teo humans ordered a pig’s head plate thing. Apple in its mouth and all that. But next t those humans is a nice, female pig. That ius horrified. And it’s brilliant. During this sweet scene between two people eating at a restraunt and all that. You know?

Forreals. If nothing else. Watch this season.

Reakky dyde? The shows great.

Really? The only knock I can say against it is:

They pay Keith Olbermann to do voice work. Ew.

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