My First E3 Rambling




This is like a week or two or so late. Blah~! Harte me! Slay me!


So. I mean. No. Right? I wasn’t at E3, nor will I probably ever got to E3. Sadluy. But like. I’be never, ever done a rambling like this. I’m 98% positive I’ve never even mentioned E3 in a rambling before. I’ve never done a rambling like this because, as Yahtzee could tell you, E3 is usually a big pice of nothingness.

But man. There were quite a few things I was looking forward to this year. Forreals. If not being shown something, then you know, hainvg stuffs about something being announced. Or whatever right?

Pont is. There were numerous things from E3 of 2018 that made me feel… something. You know? Be it anger, excitement, whatever. I’ve got a lot to talk about the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Right?

so. Howsabout we we start with what’s EASILY my biggest disappointment from E3. Shall we?

Fallout 76.

Like. Dude. There’s no words to describe how disappointed I am in this game. Like. At all. I mean. I only heard the rumblings about it. Like. You know… a day or two or three before Bethesda’s stage show at E3. And. Even then. Thre was the rublings that the game was some bullshit MMO piece of thing. Right?

Then. The stage show happened. And. Yeah. Iut’s nothing burt a Fallout skinned Elder Scrolls Online. I mean. At leasst it still LOOKs like Fallout 4, right? Yeah. Sure. But. Dude. THE BEST part of Fallout 4, for me, was the base building and shit. Right/

Now, were given that as a MAHJOR foxal point in this new Fallout 76, but like. We’re playing in a world. With dicks allr-oung. AND Nukes are into play. Right? At any given second, seemingly. The camp you’ve spent HOURS working on. Could be wiped out. But a few cunts with nuclear codes.

GTFO. Right?

Just. Nothing about this game sounds appealing. I mean. Yah. I’m not an online gamer. Like. At alll. Because. Fuck people. Right?

RThanks for nothing, Bethesda. I mean. Is it even worth talking about Starfierld or Elder Scrtolls IV? No? So.


dDude. No. Man. Just.


Anthem. Is being shoved down our throats. by EA. With a BioWare label on it. Right. BioWare. The company responsible for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and some apperently awesome Star Wars game once upon a time. Yeah. Right?

EA’s forcing BioWare to make some dumb ass, generic, MMO game. For. No reason. Other than, you know, LOOT BOXESA~! GAMES AS A SERVIVE~! and such. Who the fuck wants this game? Seriouslty? There’s NOTHING interesting about it. At all. And. In the end. It’ll be the nail in the coffin of BioWare.

Once this fails. Kiss Mass Effect and Dragon Age goodbye. Forreals.

Assassin’s Creed Odysses.

So. LKegi.t I was just about to put this game higher on my list. Because. I thought I heard it was releasing later this year. But I googled. And it’s releasing until “2019.” Which, y know, makes sense. But. Legit. I thought I heard like an October 2018 date. For some reason.But oh wells.

In all serioiuslyness, though? This is, probably, going to be the first Assassin’s Creed game that I’m actually going to buy. Everything about it, forreals, sounds awesome dude.

Greek shit? Awesome.
RPG game shit? Awesome.
Character creationy type of things? Awesome.
Romances? Awesome. Fight me.

Like. All of it. Sounds awesome. Assassin’s Creed: Origins was pretty God damn awesome. Hell, I never even finished the game. But it was VERY impressibe to me. Lots of stufs I’d love to own. But. Odyssey?Sonds A+ Fanstastish. Forreals dude.

CyberPunk 2077

In all reality? This is THE game I’m MOST looking forward to playing. Unfortunately. This is going to get the like… GTA V sprt of treatment, innit? Like. It’s gonna b on nexgen consolews and whatnot. AND on this gen. Whatever. Whih. It’s TOTALLY fucking crazy that we’re talking about nexgen confoles already. Sigh.

But. Yeah man. There’s not TOO much to be excited about yet, right? Everything that’s KNOWN about the game though? Fucking fantashtish.


The Last of Us Part II

I mean. Kinda sporta in the same boat there is CyberPunk with this one here, right/ ? No idea when it’s happening. Hopefully it happens during this gen and whatever. But. Jesus Christ. What’s shown here is fucking amazing.

I don’t care if you’re talking about that fucking… beautiful gameplay (although I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan of the “tall grass” type shit that’s in every game ever with stealth combat elements… but I was blown away by everything else so… I’ll easily forgive “tall grass), to exploring Ellie’s moire lesbianic nature. Because. Legit. I’m a lesbian. To even the little tidbit that sony recreated the churchy type of place for the E3 press to debut that trailer thing.

Just… everything about this stage show from Sony ewas perfect. And got me psyched.

The end.

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