Dude… I Need to Talk about Owen Hart…

Originally, I was just going to include this bit about Owen Hart, the episdoe of Dark Sideof the Ring, et al, in with the final, “Quarantine Thoughts,” rambvling forthcoming. But. No man. This deserves its own rambling in it of itself. Easily. There’s no question here. And since I’m fresh off of two viewings of this Dark Side of the Ring Episode, “The Final Days of Owen Hart,” I just had to ramble this, all of these emotiong and thoughts that I’m having.

Because, for the first time, really… me, as the life-long wrestling fan, person, thing thaty I am, I had just heard Martha’s side of the story. You know? And sure, I did my little, “professional” rambling about Owen last year, on the 25th anniversary of the tragedy that took place in Kansas City, Missouri on May 23, 1999. But… again, I’ve never, nor has many-a wrestling fan, I don’t believe, heard Martha’s side of the story. Or the story of Oje an Athena Hart, Owen and Martha’s children — whom were seven and three-years-old, respectively, at the time of Owen’s death.

Abd,,, I mean… I see their side. Of course I do. I mean, there’s a part of you that’s like, “Did she just brainwash her children into hating the profession that their father, literally, gave his life towards?” Becaue, the evidence of that seems to be prevelant. And I mean, you can’t blame Martha, you know? Shes not “WRONG,” in the full extent of the word. Of course she isn’t. But. I mean.

We all loved him too, dude. From the fans, to — especially the wrestlers that worked with him during those 250+ days a year, you know? He deserves to be recognized for the things he accomplished. 

Through your hard work and determination, you’ve acknowledged everything amazing about Owen outside of his profession. Let us — those that were ever inspired by him, those that admired him an his accomplishments, those that worked with him and looked at him as a brother (as Mark Henry did up there) — honor what he did professionally. His “Hall of Fame” induction should, in NO KNOWN UNIVERSE, be looked at as a slight against him or his memory.

I’ll never pretend to understand the loss that was felt. But man, I’ll never get this guttural, vitriolic, reaction to Owen being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

And, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I heard this bit here. How viscous the WWF’s legal team was to Martha and stuffs…

I mean, they were brutal. And it was dumb.

I understand how bitter and terrible all of that shit is and was. Right?

But still man. You, at Owen’s funeral, (as it was depicted in Dark Side of the Ring at least) said…

I’m a very forgiving person. And I’m not bitter or angry…

And, I mean… by you not allowing Owen’s profession, his family’s business to honor him… That’s just a huge slap in the face of his memory all over again. Right? How can that not be seen, dude? I dunno.

I’m me. I’m your humble drunkard from afar. I’m nobody.

But those are my thoughts.

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