Something Youtube This Way Comes and Propaganda

DISCLAIMER: Typos. Drunk. Stuffs. Just like last time. But more typos now cause I don’t care as much about this one. BUT… still DO care. A FUCK TON BRUV!

Look man. I’m a hypocritical, dumb, drunk piece of shit. I don’t know anything. At all. Ever.

And I mean, even saying that is giving myself too much credit.

All of that being said.

Hatred of any kind. Is incredibly stupid. I mean. Sure. I hate the fact that no-no words are so prevelant these days. The fact that a true crime centered Youtube channel (or just, fucking, anyone that creates videos on Youtube, ever, in all reality) can’t use the word “suicide” because. Oh no. Suicides might increase if you say, “Hey dude, Robin Williams committed suicide in 2014.”

I was going to share the song with you here. Instead…

In asll seriouslyness…

“Hey dude! I really wanna commit suicide these days because all of the corporate platforms need me to use the imaginative words, ‘unalive,’ and like, ‘forcefully used genitalia,’ instead of allowing me to say words that actually make sense.”

1000% of that quote is honest. None% of this quote will ever be honest:

“You know what? I’m just about to put a gun to my head when I remembered that I wanted to listen to the song, “Suicide Solution” by Ozzy Osborne. But when I tried to find the song on Youtube, instead I was given a warning about self-harm and given a phone number to call instead. And you know what? I called that number! And that person convinced me to not shoot myself!”

Sigh… fine. Youtube is saving .25%s of lives. Better than none%. Of course.

I’ll never lie to you, dear reader.

For better or worse. That shit’s propaganda.

Here’s a bit of propaganda that most U.S. citizens believe:

George W. Bush told Americans on September 11th, “The best way to fight terrorism is to go shopping.”

We all know that he said that shit. He told us to “go shopping and get back to regular life.” On September eleventh.

Except. No.

None% of any of that is true. But uh…

Thanks Google!

The closest time Bush mentioned shopping after 9/11 was on the 17th. When he talked about how Muslims shouldn’t be afraid to go shopping and continue their lives in America. The closest Bush ever came to “Go shopping for ‘Merica!” on 9/11 came September 27th, where he urged Americans to continue using airlines. “Get down to Disney World in Florida.”

Yet… we all, as Americans, collectively, know that George W. Bush told us to go shopping on 9/11. Somehow. Might I point your attention to that second Google result? Sure… the first there is the more factual of those three. Without question.

But the second result came from Time. Which. Fine. Declining numbers. Blah. But hey. I’m just me. And I, personally, can’t find all of the countless examples of late night comedians and the like that spewed this shit. But come on. If you’re American. You know that George W. Bush told you to go shopping on September 11th. Even though, he didn’t. Ever.


One, two, skip a few. 99. Propaganda.

NOT AT ALL RANDOM SIDENOTE: The whole reason this George W. Bushness came to me is because I watched this “as it happened” 9/11 documentary thing last week (cause I was, for whatever reason, on a 9/11 kick which… SIDETRACKING: oof… this is an instresting look at the attacks that I always thought about and seeing it like that is instresting) and it included his speech in the Oval Office at the end of it. SIDETRACKING SOME MORE: And even though the documentary showed all of the death. You know. On youtube. You know. The planes exploding. People dying. Betty Ong et al. Exploding to death. But the documentary (just some person on youtube, shit wasn’t “professional” AT ALL) had to or felt the need to censor no-no words. “Holy —-.”

“What the —-?!” Stupid. Fuck you, censorship.

I’m no body.

I don’t matter.

But like.

I’m pretty sure that Snopes is a pretty damn good source for debunking stuffs. At least, I’ve always believed it to be. But uhh…


And like…

Journalists have none percent ideas why this is not sustainable. Other than like… HEY! COLLEGE SAYS SOCIALISM WORKS! HELL YEAH DUDE!


This world is not sustainable.

But we’ve already been over this. Kinda.

I’m still no one.

And I’ll never lie to you, dear reader.

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