DISCLAIMER: I am drunk. But this is one of those rare times where I wanna be as serious as I can. Merhaps there’s going to be a typo or five. Apologies. But. To make everything absolutely clear:

For the record. I mean. In the 10+ year history of RyansDrunk.com it should be painfully obvious that… uh… In my post-high school years, I’ve been pro-big business. Pro-corporations. “Corporations are people too.” Essentially, that’s what I’ve said in the past. Not gonna lie.

But. Umm…

This current inflation is caused by corporate/big business greed. The price of many goods have gone up 75% in the past two-three months.

Interest rates didn’t skyrocket that much. Minimum wages didn’t have any sort of equal jump. Sure. Oil prices have gone up. Even skyrocketed. Merhaps. Merhaps you could argue that due to the increasing price of oil. I mean. Yeah. I suppose this could be a pretty big factor, now that the facts have slapped me across the face.

Cause like.

Essentially? What’s being shown here is that oil companies expenditure is increasing. And their profits are decreasing. VERY significantly in Q1 and Q2 2023.

This is not sustainable.

“Blah, earth. Blah, carbon admissions. Blah.”

For argument’s sake I’ll submit that climate change is all due to corporate greed and oil and carbon and oh, no~! the west is evil! Fine. All of that’s true. I agree. Cool. ManBearPig, Let’s go.

We poors that cant afford private jets in order to get to the climate protest, must unfortunately use commercial jets to stand in front of a European highway to cause even more carbon emissions by clogging up traffic. And fuck it. I’ma glue myself to the pavement to prove this point.

Exaggerations. Yes. But. Come on. Dude. I’m not THAT far off.

This is unsustainable.

In fact,,,

“During The Great Depression the cost of living was an average of $4,000 per year, today that amount would be equivalent to $60,575. Yet, the average salary was $1,125 per year.

Today a single person household costs $1,000 per month and a family of four is $4,000 per month. The United States currently has an average yearly income of $51,480.”
-Association for Entrepreneurship
NOT AT ALL RANDOM SIDENOTE: I promise you, dear right-leaning readers of mine that may exist. I tried to be all Glenn Beck-y (or something) and find a link to afeusa.org and… I dunno… George Sorros. But I couldn’t. Every person on their staff page checks out as a more “famous” no body. “Like me.” Or whatever. Man. Shut up. Maybe I’m wrong and I’ll be on that fucking Glenn Beck-y blackboard. Whoops. Whoopsie.

This is not sustainable.

I won’t lie to you. I do believe Joe Biden and/or the Democratic party stole the 2020 election. No, I was no wear near Washington on January 6th. Hell. I’m positive you can find how much I discredited those idiots for their storming of the capital building.

But. In my gut, something tells me that the Biden/Democratic camp stole the election. More on this in the upcoming graph. Sort of.

Once upon a time, sure, during the Obama years. I loved listenting and watching Glenn Beck. And Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Especially the latter. Red Eye was my jam during the Obama years. Modern Greg? In my opinion? He’s become the comedic face of the tribal right. I could be wrong. From what I knew of Greg when I was a fan of his Red Eye show, he’d often challenge the right just as much as he did the left. But I never see that side of him anymore. So.

Glenn Beck? In all honesty? I unsuccessfully ripped him off on so many occasions. It would be laughable.

Again, this is during the Obama years.

And uhh… that’s about as much as I can say about that.

So. There. That’s my connection to the media. And/or lackthereof.

But. Umm…

This is unsustainable.

Argue about “worker owned businesses.” That’s not going to work. Fuck. Maybe it could. Trouble is, it’s way too Communistic. Which has never worked. Obviously. Socialism, generally begats facism and/or communism and/or both. I don’t know the answer.

I used to think that anarcho-capitalism and/or strict barterism would be the best options. But. No man. No matter what. It’s always going to go down this road that has happened. Crony capitalism and big business/corporate greed. However European socialism (that’s obviously not the correct term, I’m sorry, it’s just the easiest to get my point across without doing another two-hour economic deep dive) is also failing. At least, as far as this yank has observed.

On the surface, this has NOTHING to do with anything. But if you DEEPLY care… about ANYTHING. This is good. For. Healing. For. Connecting. For. Humanizing. Everyone. Ever.

In a lot of ways. That stupid “meme-ish” Youtube video accomplished many-a thing I’d like to accomplish.

But I’ll leave it at that.

The media. The corporations. The lobbyists. Have created. This world. That is unsustainable.

I deeply regret that I ever bought into any of it. And hell. I definitely attempted to perpetuate it as well.

FFS… I wanna close this with an argument about Al Gore right now.

But I won’t.

Instead. I’ll leave you with a song (innitally, I was going to include some random cell phone footage of a modern WASP concert that included “Fuck Like a Beast,” instead, I’ll just leave you with… apparently the #1 song on Tipper Gore’s “filthy 15.”)

Never heard this song until just now. Not gonna lie.

Censorship, of any kind. Is also. COMPLETELY unsustainable.

I’ll never lie to you, dear reader.

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