Humanity is Better Than This

DISCLAIMER: Hi, hello. Bottom line. I’m actually trying again. Whoops. Whoopsie.

Look. Dude.

I’m no one. I don’t matter. I should have been unalived years ago at this point right?

But at the end of the day?

Israelis and Palestinians hate each other. Because they have daddy issues after playing a game of telephone for thousands of years. And a man in the sky is highly involved.

At the end of the day? That’s THE issue.

Daddy issues. Man in the sky. Telephone for thousands of years.


Arguments. Fine. Let’s break it down.

Most recently? The “powerful” world felt bad for what the “powerful” world did to one of those two aforementioned sides. And the “powerful” world deemed that the side that the “powerful world” had just fucked over the most should have a piece of land. “Holy” land. Oh no. Man in the sky didn’t like that, according the the “less powerful” world. And then the “powerful world” said, “SHUT UP!” To the “less powerful” world. And there were bits, many bits, of the “less powerful” world that opened up their trench coats outside of the holy land and said to the “powerful world:”

“Pssst… ya know we got some oil right…?”

And yeah. Like… in the sense of… generalization… It sucks that the “less powerful” world was oppressed. And under governmental rule that they disagreed with. In the land that a man in the sky told them they should own… instead of the other side that the “powerful world” had just got done fucking over and gave power to said side. But also, the same man in the sky once said that the now “powerful side” should own the piece of land… once? All because a different person whom heard words from the man in the sky told both sides different stories. Two different people. Probably four different people. Merhaps more. Either way. A bunch of people heard from this dude that lives in the sky and they all were told at different times that a piece of land belonged to a people that were divided by daddy issues. Thousands of years ago via the game of telephone that history is.

Also. Jesus happened. And that throws all of this bullshit into even more chaos. But not currently. Unless you’re Kanye West or something.

And. Legit. This is a modern point.


Apparently, the “less powerful” world is decapitating babies? Along with other captives? I don’t know. But. If for nothing else, the sake of argument… Yes. The “Less powerful” world is decapitating babies. Human babies. Children. To get their point across.


The “more powerful world” is just exploding babies to death. They’re telling the people that aren’t decapitating babies, to GTFO. But… they can’t. Because. The the “more powerful world” is controlling the means of power, water, traffic, everything. etc. And then. They’re apparently just exploding babies to death.



Babies are dying in Israel. And at the end of the day, it’s due to daddy issues. After a multi-thousand year game of telephone. Because of a man in the sky.

At the end of the day?

Fuck both of these sides. Humanity should be better than this. Hating any form of humanity is completely moronic. Especially if… telephone… thousands of years… man in the sky… all of these things are the root cause of the hate.

Disagree with him as much as you want. But Bill Maher once said something along the lines of, “Religion doesn’t sound ridiculous until you focus on the modern religions.”


And uh…


I’m no one.

And I would never lie to you, dear reader.

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