Nevermind rthe fact that I’ve got no idea who Solo Sikoa is meant to be competing against at Crown Jewel based on that “featured image” up there. I mean… sure… ap;arently, Solo’s gonna have some big ole’ match in Saudi Arabia. And I’ve got no idea who his opponent is supposed to be. You know. Given what you can see up there an stuffs. I can’t see who Solo is about to be competing against.

But uh. On an unrelated note.

John Cena.


I’ve spent a good two hours or so trying to find THE video to express what I’m trying to convey here. But uh… according to all the searches, ever. The below video displays it all the best…? But it also doesn’t. See… what I’d REALLY like to show you is something along the lines of the things WWE themselves created in 2002. Tje “desire” videos as they’re known. (That bold, underline text there is like… you know the best example but it also isn’t…?)

I guess. When you’re looking for greatness. It’s extremely rare to find the faults of greatness. Right? |

The video below spends 17 and a half-ish minutes on how amazing John Cena is. As a person. As a… you know… WWE Superstar. Thing. The video spends about 30ish seconds on how terrible it was as a fan of wrestling during John Cena’s era. Blah that’s dramatic. Especially given everything that this rambling is about to be. But.

John Cena. Tribute. Best. Things.

I’m old enough to experience all of that shit. “Ruthless agression!” “Hello current city’s sports tem!” “Doctor of thuganomics!” “Hello there, I’m a soldier or something!” “Nah bruh, you can’t beat me, I’m Super Cena!” “HEY! ANYBODY COULD HAVE A CHANCE AT BEATING ME! I’m just the U.S. Champion! Who cares?!” “You know what? Let’s cement myself as a legit legend.” “Hi, hello, I’m from Hollywood. My name’s Johnathan Cena. How do you do, fellow wrestlers?”

And in all honesty? Just going off of this past year’s WrestleMania alone? Like… JUST THAT. It’s kinda ridiculous. Austin Theory picked up a victory over John Cena. Clean. Ridiculous. It’s come full circle. Or something. Or full semi-circle? I dunno. However circles work.

Now? More than likely… TYhe man that none of us can see is about to lay down for Solo Sikoa. Cleanly. Or if not then… it might as weell be cleanly. Like he did for Theory at ‘Mania. And… it’s all WAY too hard of a pill to swallow my dudes. It not that I want Cena to bury and you know… crush the futures of these wrestlers like he did to the Nexus or something.

It’s just.

Being on this John Cena journey.

Home dude. NEVER lost. Basically. But now. Austin Theory’s got a clean win over him. For no reason. Basically. And now. Solo Sikoa is about to do the same. Super Cena destroyed the shit out of Solo’s… uncle? I think? Umaga. Even though Umaga was an indestructable piece of undefeatable meat monster. Savage. Thing. But Cena beat him.

Like this.

But in a week or so. We’re meant to believe that SAolo can beat. John Cena. Cleanly. Like Uastin Theory did.

Look man. I hated the Super Cena era. But like… now we’e here in the… I dunno… AuqaCena era. And… it doesn’t make sense. Right?

Solo’s gonna beat Cena cleanly.

Then a year later, Michael Cole’s gonna call Cena the GOAT. Again. Because Cole’s forced to.



Every “hot take” (be it GOAT or overrated, or whatever) about John Cena. They’re all pretty unablievable atm. And uh… yeah.

Either way, I’ll never lie to you, dear reader.

I’ve thoroughly enjored this current John Cena run. It’s been all kinds of fun.

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