Closing Dave Chappelle

Now. I know this story is like, MONTHS passed its delivery date but. Hear me out.

Let me start this rambling by saying two things.

And I’ve never shied away from this — I’m a free speech absolutist.

I’m pretty stupid. Socially? Culturally? Things of that nature? I’ve been far too ignorant about far too many things for far too long. I recognize this, and I’m trying to educate myself. I talk to (or at least have tried talking to) anyone that even remotely cares. I’ve been trying to seek out information that is outside of my comfort zone for the last two years. The point is: I’m trying to be a better person.

Apparently, the LBGTQIA+ aren’t trying to be better people.

That sentence, could be taken in so many “homophobic” directions. And if that last sentence offends you so much. Sure. I’ll give you this quote right to be the icing on your cake.

Through your Lord and Savior… YOU TOO can pray the gay away!

Now hear me out.

Prayer alone can accomplish many-a greatt thing. It’s usefull for calming yourself down. It’s useful when you’re trying to get yourself through a tough day or situation. Prayer can uplift your spirits and turn that frown upsdie down! If you’re still reading, I hope you can tell that I’m just writing words. I’m bullshitting my way through this rambling. But Prayer? It’s a great, useful tool that we all should use in regularity far more often!

Numerous Netclix employees staged a walk-out. They protestested Netclix’s refusal to remove the special from their library. They had every right to do so. Of course. As a free speech absolutist, I have no problems with that. So. Good job! You did a thing! Cool, cool, cool cool cool!

Through all things, Christ can guide you through your sinful transgressions!

Not only can Christ guie you through your transgendered thoughts, but He can help you remove them! Through Him, all things are possible! Even though you developed some extra chromosomes through birth… you just need Jesus in your life! And… again. Dude, I believe 0.09% of what I’ve written, in this rambling. Just stick with me. And through Jesus, you’ll realize, you’ll never feel the need to cross-dress, or become transgendered. Ever. JESUS WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY@!

Dave Chappelle didn’t go far enough. He should have used the Netclix platform to declare, as we all know he believes, that all LBGTQIA+ people need to be silenced and never be allowed to speak. But damn it. You know what? Again. Even though I’m writing this, I agree with 0.00001% of what I’m writing. We can’t allow them to speak. We need to eradicate their representation from film and television, COMEPLETELT! I’m sick of seeing gay dudes and lesbians on TV all the damn time now! YOU KNOW?!

What’s happened to America?!

All that I know is that Dave Chappelle didn’t go far enough. At all. He came close. He damn near nailed it in this clip that’s coming up. He did a perfect job, dude. While I didn’t agree with him 100%, he did his job, as a comedian, and he was amazing. GOAT? I don’t know. But damn it. I don’t even care! Jesus! Jesus is Lord! And good God, did Dave Chappelle destroy the LGBTQIA+ community in this upcoming clip!

And now… here it is… The clip that spells out exactly wjat I’m sauying.



I swear tp Gpd. How can you not understand the point of this? Thos were the closing words of The Closer. How in the fuck does, no one (general statement, I know) on the LGBTQIA+ community doesn’t understand this shit? Throughout the special (again, there’s plenty of things he said that I don’t agree with) he’s laid out the case that the LGBTQIA+ community has “punched down” on his people enough. “His people,” (I belive) are comedians. That’s the message I pulled out from what he was saying. But as established, I’m a dumb person and I know nothing.

All I know.

In fact…

The ONLY thing, that I know. 100% is… it’s crazy how no one pays attention. 100%.

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