The 10 Best Video Games Ever

Guys? Legit? I’m just hanging on by a thread. I just need some fun. SDome good times. Some friendly… things. Happening. You know?

So… allow me to finally share my top 10 “best video games ever.” Lolz… Because… legit.. I’ve been planning on doing this rambling for a while now. I mean, initially, I wanted to to it as a TubeNewsDude video back in 2016 or…. you know… back when I actually cared about doing TubeNewsDude videos. But.

Really? I tried to put all of the thought and effort that I could into this list. I tried to dig deep into my psyche to try and compile this list. Most likely. I’m “wrong” about all of it. But. Forreals. I put a lot of thought and internal debate and effort into this.

When compiling this list, I took all of this into consideration:
1. Fun factor (i.e. how much fun I had playing the game)
2. Time spent playing the game.
3. Replayability.
4. How the game shaped the video game industry (that probably doesn’t make as much sense as I’d like it to)
5. Basically, the game has some sort of DEEP memory for me…

Obviously, most of this is based on memory. And memories suck. And nostalgia rules. So. Uh… whatever. Oh yeah. And. Obviously, before we hit #1, I’m gonna name (in no particular order) some honorable mentions.

So yeah. Let’s do this.

#10. Red Dead Redemption II

THE thing that keeps this game from being higher on the list? Replayability.

It’s fun. It’s, ESPECIALLY got the wjole “shaping the video game industry” thing going for it. It’s a graphicalal achievment of amazingness. But I mean. When you p;lay it, there’s almost NONE% reason to play it again. Legit. I mean. Sure. You can play it and try to be a completist or something. But nothing changes, really. OH NO~! A “bad ending” happened. Or OH YAY~! A “good” ending happened! I think?

Plus. Like. It was (by my experience) my first memeable game. So…

Either way. There’s WAY too much amazingness about RDRII to not include it. Somewheres. On this here list.

#9. Super Mario 64

Or whatever the technical name of that Mario game was on Nintendo64.

There’s gonna be another “mario” game on this list. But uh… it deserves the higher listing for reasons I’ll go into later.

ut man. Mario? on N64? Was so awesome. I replayed the shit out of this game time and time again. And I loved every second of doing so. So. Fuck you? Or something? I dunno. Poiunt is. To me? As far as “best games ever” is concerned? Mario 64 is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. Period the end. Bar none. Tall, Tall Mountain… best shit ever. Fight me. Oh. The lava place in the basement. That shit was almost as good as TTM too. I don’t event care/


Unfortunately, it’s not like “OMG~! GROUNDBREAKING~!” I mean… merhaps it could be considered as such. You know. First ever (oh no, merhaps this is incorrect~!_ 3d Mario platformer. But. Nah dude. As awesome as it is. As much as I played it. Repeatedly. There’s still another Mario game that needs to be held in higher regard on this list. We’ll get there. Join me. Shall you?

#8. Goldeneye 007

Obviusly? This game looks like shit. Especially in today’s standards and such. But man. The time spent playing this game wioth friends and such?

Oof man. Sooo many good times.

So much fun was had.

And basically. Dude. Not even anything the Halo series EVER did could come close to how fun the local, multiplayer system in Goldeneye accomplished. I think these sentences made sense. I dunno. Basicaly. This was my first introduction to FPS games.

I mean. Sure. I never could be assed to cpm[;ete any of the single player missions back in the day. Sure. I’d go around, do some of them. Horrify my dad and then-step brother by shooting innocent scientists in the dick. At nine-ten-years-old. But. THat didn’t matter. You either cheated, or had an older “brother” type of person to unlock all the shit for you. Or Game Shark. oR Whatever. Either way. Too many hours were spent killing Pher and Billy and being killed by those two to not include this. And how influencial it, ultimately was to the FPS multiplayer type of games.

Stop it. Right? Or don’t. You do you.

#7. NFL… games…

Honestly? At this point? I’ve spent an hour or more trying to find the game I’m REALLY wanting to reference.

My guess? It was NFL GameDay in 2002-2004. Somewheres in there. Whatever the game I’ve been trying to look for was, it was basically, one of my first trials in playing online. It was back in the day. When like. You could pause online games. I know. That concept is WILD. Not only that. But you could pause the game, and replay AWESOME plays you did. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. To your opponent. On the PS2. Whatever game that was. That made me fall in love with the St. Louis Rams. With Faulk and Warner and Archelada on defense (I spelt his name wrong, and he must’ver been like a safety or something if memeory serves me right, but I loved playing as him and sacking QBs with him… lol).

Whatever that game was? That was my first time playing like “franchise mode” as modern Madden sayeth be so. Whatever that game was. I loved it. I also loved NFL Fever in like 2003 or so (it was around the same time as whatever this PS2 game I’m on about happened) where like the Titans were the best team in the game. That shit was fun.

So… why is Blitz mentioned up there? And what’s the BEST NFL game?

Blitz? Because that NFL game made me lover NFL games. Period.

What’s the best NFL game? I dunno. Pick any of the NFL games I’ve played. Outside of recent Madden. I’m talking… (at least) Madden25-2018, anyways… Fuck those. I mean… they get the job done. But like, experiencing NBA games justy recently, Dude… Be money grubby all you want. But like. At least make the game worth playing, EA. Right? Whatever. Modern Madden needs SO MUCH MORE than just “lolz guys, we actually made the Pro-Bowl playable! Love us, plux~!” FFS. The last NFL game I played (prior to the games mentioned before) was like Madden 07? I think? And shit. You could still create teams in Franchise. And probably other shit, that’s available in NBA 2K today, that I didn’t have the sports-mindedness at the time to remember niow in 2020.

Blah. Whatever.

I love NFL games. Kinda. Mostly.

The end.

#6. Fallout 4


Just… MERHAPS… this should be in the “honorable mentions.” But. Nah dude. This gen? I’m pretty sure I played this game the most. Like. I spent more hours playing this game, this gen, more than anyt other game. That’s not to say I didn’t LOVE other games thisa gen. Shit. There’s gonna be something higher on this list from this gen. But. I didn’t play it as much as I did Fallout 4.

Har har… Bethesda sucks! Lolz Fallout 76 is basically the biggst disaster to gaming since E.T. or whatever. Which. I mean. I can’t disagree with that. At all. Nor could anyone, ever.


And shit man. When Fallout 4 was announced? I really didnt care. I forced mysel to get through the main storyline and a bit onwards of Fallout 3 and too be honest? When I played Fallout: New Vegas? I was so damn bored to death that I killed Chandler, probably explored a little more, and gave up. Because it was so God damn boring. And brown. And worthless.

Fallout 4? I spent WAY too much tiome creating settlements. And fucking enjoyed the shit ouf of it. And recreating settlements. Ans recreating settlements. And so on.

Either way. I love the vioce actress of “JAck.” I mean. I LOVE “Jack.” Period. Basically. So. Obviously. I’m gonna play as her a shitton in Fallout 4.



#5. Mass Effect

Oh no! Instagram filters!

Oh no! Shitty facial animations? Apparently!

Oh no!

I dunno…

Mass Effect is fun. The trilogy itself has so many bits of awesomeness to ecxperience. But most likely, anyone that plays the first game just busts a nut over how “awesome” the RPG system is or something. They then go on to shit all over everything tha happened afterwarsa, minus the second game. Everyone. Ever. Knows that the second game is up there with all of gaming diety. And such. But. Uh…


I guess I’m just a frat bro or something but.

I don’t care. ME3‘s gameplay is the best in the trilogy. Hate me. Slay me. Shit dud. ME3 is damn near my favorite game in the series.

But. Mass Effect: Andromeda exists. Ooof. tough call,. lol Legit though. ME:A didn’t deserve the shitstorm it recieved. it was a FUN game. To this day, it’s the only game, ever, where I was like, “AWW HELL YEAH! COMBAT SECTION! LET’S FUCKING GO!” Legit. So. Whatever.

I’ll move on.

#4. Super Mario Bros./Tetris

Oof size is mega. I know.

But. Legit. There’s a reason these two are combined.

It’s fuzzy.

But. Legit. One of these two games were the first video games I ever played.

Mario Memory: My “friend” had to take a shit while we played Mario. I was confused as hell as to how he could play or even leave the bathroom without whiping himself. How’d I know, at three-four years old that Shane didn’t whipe himself? I’ve no idea. I just know, we were playing Mario, and this situation took place.

At the same household…

I was three-four-years-old when I was playing Tetris. Most likely. For the first time. And. I kept getting pissed off. The whole time I’m playing it. My sister was… around… I dunno how much attention she was paying to me playing Tetris, but.. she noticed how mad I was getting playing the game. I growled and such. Angrily.

Eventually, my sister asked, “Ryan what’s wrong? You’re doing good!”

Again. I’m three-four…MAYBE…five-years-old. And I say, “I’m trying to make buildings!” Or something similar. Basicallty…. I was pissed that all my lines were getting deleted. Because. I was trying to make buildings. Ibn Tetris.

So. Moral of the story is? I’ve always been a God of Tetris.

Something like that.

#3. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

I mean. I named this the “game of the decade” this one time. Like. Last year. Fuck. Wait. That wasa sixish months ago? Ooof.

But uh. Yeah. Game of the decade. Easily. Witcher III.

Let me just say something.

Something I think I said to Dave during our “podcast recordings” that I’m being too much of a dick about. And such. But. Either way. Lemme just say…

I’ve played the game. Numerous times now. And I’ve recioeved different endings. For. Basically EACH oof those playthroughs. Even though…. like… I’m pretty sure I did mostly the same things. Minus those times when I PURPOSELY made differet decisions. Like…. “WOWZ I’ma kill the heart of the tree this time, cause I gave the heart of the tree a horse last time~!” Either way…. endings have always varried. And yet… I’ve never known why, exactly. But. Diffeerent endings. Happened. Basically every time I played the game.

I dunno.

Before RDRII was “being real” Witcher III perfected it. Merhaps Cyberpunk2077 will throw a wrench in there and disturb all of this shit. But. Whatever.

#2. WWF No Mercy

I mean. Come on. There’s ZERO debate that this is the best wrestling game ever. Throw Here Comes the Pain at me all you want. I don’t give a shit.

WWF No Mercy was and is the best wrestling video game ever. Unless, somehow, AEW finds a video game companty that’s willing to place gameplay and awesomeness over profits in this, the modern era of video games… you know… the one in which if you want to play ALL of The Sims 4 you’ve got to pay $700+. You know. For a game. That’s six-years-old at this point. Unless AEW can somehow find a video game company that’s going to be awesome? WWF No Mercy will FOREVER be the est wrestling game ever.

And. Not just because it’s wrestling, but…

It’s the second best video game ever basically?

fOR ALL of the reasons I described befroe. (And shit, I loved wrestling video games before I loved wrestling itself… as I… described… before…) Right?

So yeah. Second best game ever.  I don’t care. And it’s an EAASY second best game ever. Period. The end.

Honorable Mentions


  1. NBA 2k20: I’m putting this here because… I got it for free with PSN a couple months ago. And man, it made me find the LIMITED “passion” for basketball that I have/had again. Ity gave me that 90’s nostalgia type of thing. I loved shooting hoops and shit. Back in the 90’s. I was in a very famous tv show… Yes. Casion. BOLOOOO! Macrotansactions! BOOOO! Obviouslty. But I LOVED playing it. Until I got sick of it.
  2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (I think, 2, specifically): I didn’t play… Underground or whatever those later sequels were called. But I thoroughly enjoyed playing those early Tony Hawk games. Forrasl.
  3. Need for Speed: Underground (I think, 2, specifically): Dude. Those NFS:U games were so bad ass, from memory. I loved my fucking Mitzubishi Eclipse I had all decked out. One of “the hottest women in the world (at the time)” person was involved doing voices and had a likeness agreement and whatnot. And it all was all so AWESOMELY Fast and Furois-like. Back when being AWESOMELY Fast and Furious-like wasn’t frowned upon. You know? Gritty street racing awesomeness. I don’t even care. I’ma try out that latest, NFS: Heat, game when Iget the chance.
  4. Spider-Man (PS4): I mean. This is, from my limited experience, the best Spider-man story i’ve ever experiencesd. So. There’s that. But. I mean. It’s basically an Arkham game. But with a Spider-man skin. But still. I LOVED the story. The DLC expansions were VERY MUCH… blah. But…
  5. The Arkham Series: Hate me, slay me, but… specifically, I LOVED Arhakam Knight. Easily, best in the series by my estimation. Arkham Asylum was fine. Arhkam City was finer. But. Legit. Despite the shit “plot twist.” Arkham Knight had the best gameplay and mechanics and shit. The “season pass” was totally fucking worth it an awesome too. Apparently, “season passes” are SOOOOOOO hated. But fuck you. Since we live in a world where paid expansions and DLC exist. Gimme a season pass so I can play it all cheeaper. Sure. If you buy a game, you 1000% sure should have purchased 1000% of everything that game has to offer. Singlely. You know? One time purchase. But since we need live in this lameness where expansions SHOULD BE THE BEST OUTCOME as far as “extra profit” or whatever is concerned. Gimme a season pass. DUH?!
  6. Halo: Specifically, Halo 3. I mean, sure. in the first two games, there were good times had with local multiplauyer stuffs with Phers and Timmies and Billies. And such. Hell… I’m pretty sure there were some good times online with Halo 2 too. But. Legit… Halo 3… was kinda like… (this isn’t 1000% accurate, like I know we plauyed through the multiplayer campaign in like Halo 2 and such and I’m not sure which came first.. Halo 2 or other games I’m gonna talk about) either way… I know 1000% FOR SURE. Halo 3 was the game I delved into MYSELF. You know? I completed the campaign on my own, I played online with my own account, forsurely, and such. You know? Halo “evolved combat.” And then… combat never evolved. So.
  7. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: I don’t care to look it up at the moment. But it was either this, or Halo 2 that was the first game I ever beat. For sure? This game was the first I beat on my own. And like. I basically completely skipped Gand Theft Auto III. But. like. Whatever. I tried playing this game on my PS4 a little while ago. But. Dude. I completed the first “mission” and played a little bit more and gave up. It’s basically unplayable by today’s standards. But undoubtedly, I had tons of fun with this game.
  8. Grand Theft Auto V: And fuck it. IV, too, kinda. I NEED to mention Grand Theft Auto IV because, like. There were LOTS more things to do in the game. Sure. Your cousin would call you to go bowling a lot. But. Fuck. AT LEAST YOU COULD GO BOWLING! Right? What can/cooul you do in GTAV at launch? Play the campagin. And… that’s it. Right? There were no minigames. No going bowling. No playing pool. No dating apps. No… nothing. Play the campaign. Play the sidequests. AND THAT’S IT! Then GTA: Online happened and like. Sure. If I had friends? I’m sure I’d LOVE to participate in all of that shit. But alas, I’m a loser. And GTA: Online became more boring, more quickly, than reading Elder Scrolls lore. Speaking of….
  9. Skyrim: I played it a lot. You played it a lot. STFU. It probably shoulda been in the inital top 10. But whatever. Let’s get on with it already. Right?
  10. The Last of Us: But fuck. I’ve talked. WAY too much. About The Last of Us at this point. Right?

#1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Every day. After October 26th of… 2004 (off the top of my head, I haven’t done any fact checking in this rambling, why would I start now??) I was going into my…. whatever that Math class was called. Something like, “ModernMathnomics~!” Or whatever. Basically, we learned how to write checks, balance checkbooks. Paper checkbooks. We were taugh how to include thigs like health insuance for our spouses atop of all of the other monthly spending we’d ave to make. Stuffs and things like that.

But it was in this class. Where there was this one dude. I never, ever saw him outside of this class. But he had like shaggy black hair, glasses and a thin beard or 24/8 five o’clock shador or something.

But like. He was the only person I knew, in my school, that was as pumped for the release of GTA: San Andreas as I was. And I mean. Sure. Lamarr Houston, could’ve been a HUGE gamer when he wasn’t the DOMINATE sports athlete that he was. So much so that he would go on to be drafted FOURTH in the second-fucking-round in the NFL. In… whatever draft class that was. Sure. Merhaps Lamarr was just as stoked for GTA:SA as I was.

NOTSORANDOM SIDENOTE: Lamarr and I were big enough aquaintances that I’m sure that even today if you were to say something along the lines of, “Twinky, high school, rapper,” he’d know me. I’m just saying.

Shit. I don’t even know if… My repulsive sidekick, Ferres, merhaps he was hyped for GTA: SA like ,e. I don’t know. And we still love each other (no homo) to this day.

All I know is.

That dude.

Glasses. Thin beard/24/7 five o’clock shadow. Shaggy hair.

In that math class.

Was the only person. I knew. IRL. That loved playing GTA: SA as much as I did.

Every day.

In class.

I’d inquire of him, “Dude, what’re your thoughts about the game now?!”

And he’d respond, “Best game I’ve ever played.”

This continued. And repeated, Pretty much every day up until the end of the semester.

And so. To you, dude. Shaggy hair. Glasses. Thin beard and/or 25/7 five o’clock shadow. Person that you are. Lemme definitely say:

I agree, bro.

I. Obviously. Agree.||

Oh and quickly. I just replayed the game a couple months ago. Once I got the hang of things (i.e. did something in the options about Y-axis), I fucking loved it. All over again. Legit.

But hey.

I’m you’re humble drunkard from afar.

I know nothing.

Take care. Stay safe, everybody.

Oh. And. lolz. Clickbaited you to death, didn’t I?! Fall Guys? Best game ever? GTFO!

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