Of Joey Styles and Mike Awesome (QUICK RAMBLING?)

So. I passed out tonight (time is relative) because sleeping and I don’t have a healthy relationsip, right?

Shortly after I wake up, the thought randomly hits me, merhaps it has something to do with one of the sidebarsa of many that happened during the latest QuizzleMania, whatever. All that I can speak to at the moment is that I woke up after passing out and… and I had the thought…

Did Joey Styles ever comment on his Mike Awesome commentary from One Night Stand?

I mean.

To the uninitiated, um…

Mike Awesome was a wrestler iobce uoib a time. He was semi-related to Hulk Hogan. But by and large, he never, ever tried to cash in on that fact. I mean, merhaps he did to get work. But like. Outside of “the industry” this weren’t known, I don’t think, to smarks (fine, I didn’t know this until like… probable 2007 or so). I’m probably just speaking out of my ass here. Whatever.

I’ll say this, I’m 90&^*()(*&^^% positive that wasn’t ever brought up in his main ECW run. Boom.

Mike Awesome. Left ECW. As champion. to WCW. Then the obviously obiousness happened with Taz(z). WWF/WCW/ECW/… Fuck I gotta write it for the unitiated. A contracted, WWF wrestler, Taz(z) defeated a WCW contracted wrestler, Mike Awesome, at an ECW event. For the ECW championship.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: In the background, I was listenting to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash right now, immediately, Eddie Guerreror thoughts happen. And there’s the lyric, “everyone I know goes away in the end.” And BOOM. Chris Benout thoughts happens. Blah. Just… fuckling crazy how this amazing song will IMMEDIATELY implant the thoughts of Eddie. And hindsight (which is the topic of this here rambling) and stuffs. Oh. And fuck you if you think this has anything to do with “glorifying a murderer.” Shut up. Twitter, you’re not a real place.

NOT AT ALL RANDOM SIDENOTE: God damn. The “Hurt” by Johnny Cash Eddie tribute is probably the best WWF/E’s ever done.

OK. So. The thought that haoppens. After waking up from passing out. However time works. Because Joey Styles does this at ECW: One Night Stand:

Just… oof… right?

And,. um… yeah dude.

Joey Styles says that.



Hasn’t said a damn thing about it since.

Well. Since. You know…


Which… IO mean.. It’s not like I’m personally offended, or deeply impacted by Joey Srtyles’ words. But I mean. If he wants to continue to hawk coins (jokes, jokes, levity is needed here) or, you know, be a human being outsife of the limelight. I think just a tweet. Or something. You know. Something. A statemnt from the guy would go a long way.

Final thoughts?

Mike Awesome, especially if they were able to get the Joey Styles statement thing, would be a great episode or two of Dark Side of the Ring.

And… given that Barely Legal and One Night Stand, appear to be the highlights of Joey’s wrestling career…

Joey should say something, ANYTHING, regarding Awesome and his own words at One Night Stand, I think.

Lastly, Joey Styles is probably my favorite announcer/play-by-play in wrestling behind Jim Ross. Just saying.

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