Are We the Last of Us Part One?


Hi. Hello there. It’s me wrting. You know. me in 2022. And I mean. You know this because I’m writing big ole sentences, nay, paragraphs in italics! WHOA! WOW!

You see, back when I played The Last of Us for the first time, which was apparenty in December of 2014, it affected me just as much as when I played Part Two for the first time. I mean, Part Two kinda stuck with me for a while longer but. Yeah.

Back then, I was all on a, “Hey, shut up, Ryan! You gotta write professionally-like!” Kick. So. That’s what I did. And mostly, throughout this? That’s what you’re gonna read. I may interject with other italics writings. I dunno yet. Mostly, I’m just making it all work again. Fixing broken images, videos, things like that.

And since I finished streaming the playthrough of The Last of Us for Spooktober earlier, I thought I should do this…

This is a remaster if you will. But this one is Part One! You know. Naughty Dog style!

Everything after all of this will be the untouched writings I did in 2015. Unless I start interjecting in italics again.



So. Just recently. As in, within the past 72 (ish) hours, I had finally gotten my hands on the Playstation exclusive video game title, The Last of Us. And. Obviously. It’s an amazing work of art. Truly. Any complaints about the game I could (or should) share will be withheld due to the sheer shape and scope of this game’s beauty.

But I did want to dig a little deeper. Obviously. With a title such as “The Last of Us,” anyone’s initial thoughts (especially with today’s modern pop culture) should spring up images of zombies surrounding the imagination. And the obvious “philosophical” topic would be… “Is a zombie apocalypse upon us?” And. You know. A writer would tie it into the game. And what have you.

Thankfully. Jake of Youtube’s VSauce3 already did this. Perfectly. And so. Here’s that video.

Modern mer here, I have no idea wtf I was saying in those last two paragraphs. So. Yeah. I was drunl when I wrote this. Have no fear.

However, what I want to focus on is simply… who are we as human beings? Are “we” the average, law-abiding citizens? Can we find ourselves being aligned in the moral ambiguity of Joel in The Last of Us?

Generally speaking, I’m pretty positive that most all Americans are law-abiding. We trust in the systems of our government to protect and serve us. Especially locally.


Generally, as an American, we aim to help our fellow man. We try our best, when we can, to help each other. Even that EVIL 1% of the wealthiest Americans… those evil bastards. They contribute the most to charities. Because. They’re so evil.

Jesus Christ…

But that’s not the point. 90% of the time, if you’re a citizen in America, or most Western countries, you are a good person. Hell. In Eastern countries, this is probably true too.

FFS, Ryan…

Overall, I want to (and do) believe that we, as human beings, try to become better. That is our personal take on the Theory of Evolution. Our evolution is to become better people, interally. To leave the world better than we arrived. Period. The end

We’re not this? Are we?

Sadly, more and more as I’ve discussed on my podcasts numerous times, I see that we are devolving into a tribal society. We’ve, once again, accepted tribalism. Meaning.

“I hate you because you’re rich”
“I hate you because white cops killed two black people in 2014!”
“I hate you because you worship a different God than I do!”

Literally me rn… The above Batman facepalm was not included in the original rambling…

Whatever the case may be… we have allowed ourselves to devolve into tribalism. We’ve allowed the media to dictate who we are as human beings. Which is the saddest of all.

No longer do we see each other as human beings. No longer do we see each other as being a part of a single race. The human race.

We have allowed a news media and (HATE ME~! SLAY ME~!) a President to divide us further. A President that should have been the uniting force behind, especially, race relations in America has become nothing more than a 1990’s Al Sharpton joke.

Sadly. If you’re reading this. It’s pretty obvious that you’re the last of us.  As a general populace in America, all sense of logic and common sense is gone. It’s been replaced with Youtube challenge videos and “Real” House Wives.

We don’t need “zombies.” We’re already sheep.

If you’ve read all of these words, you are one of the, current, last of us. You are a part of the solution. You can be the leader that unites fragile race relations in America. You can be a leader that speaks truths, no matter the cost.

Overall… you’re, PROBABLY not, morally ambiguous. You won’t find yourself being the protagonist of any fictional media in the near future.

If you’re reading this, more than likely, you do what’s TRULY right. No matter the situation.

YOU are among, the last of us.


What a crock of shit that was. lmao…

Uh… Yeah, I was on a pretty high horse in the Obama years. My bad. And here, I’ve been remembering this rambling with such fondness. lol… Like…

I dunno… if I were to ever try to apply to be a writer or something? This shit would’ve been on my reseume. FFS. lol…


But yeah dude. That’s Are We the Last of Us Part One.

Good job us!

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