What’s on my Mind Vol. VI

I nean. It’s been over two years since I’ve don one of these. And. In all honesty? I have no idea where this is going to go. It’s just gonna go. Whereevver this rambling rakes me, innit?


Fuck it. Right?

Let’s ret right into this nonsensical rambling. THing. That doesn’t matters. Because.

SPOILERIFIC SPILER OF ALL SPOILERS: None of my ramblings matter. Obviously.

But. Here. We. zgo~!

  1. Dudde. I/m WAY TOO old. Forreals. Not only has taking my socks off become an orgasmic experience. But so is traking a piss. Dude. I mean. Sure. I’m on Lasix now (you know, the pill the makes you piss… a lot) and. like. I don’t know. This is my life. Being in my fucking 30’s now. And. Jesus Christ.
  2. Like. How the hell does the world exist anymore? Forreals? We’re basically at the point that we all just kill each other. If we’re not there. Then we’re at the fucking tipping point. Right?
    RANDOM SIDENOTE: No where near as “random” as it should be. But like dude. Obviouslu. I’m, in no way, advocating violence. At all. Igt’s just. Like. Dude. We can’t even agree that capitalism, you know, the system that has progressed human life behyond, ANY other “economic structure” put forth. By mankind. And yet. It’s the devil. Capitalism is the worst thing to ever happen to humantiy. According to my profesor. And THe mainstream media. So.
  3. Dude. Like. This Steven Crowder Situation is WAY worse than I talked about in that there rambling. Hell. Before I started work on this rambling, I thought I’d do something titled, “Louder About Crowder.” And. I mean. Merhap that’ll come soon. But.
  4. South Park: Phone Destroyer is, easily the best mobile game I’ve ever played. So. Take that for what you will.
  5. Speakin of online gaming, kinda.
  6. Dude. I just stsrted this whole, “NETX-GEN~!” online gaming experience. Right? Like… Just a couple of days abgo. AMd/ I mean. Red Dead Online. Is like. WAY worse than GTA: Online. Eaily. Dudde. Like. Right now? I have NO IDEa. Why “story missiions” aren’t showing up for me. At the “moment.” I’ve gone back and forth with the honorable situation. But. Forreals. I was JUJST  honorable as fuck. Then. Like. Nothing. No new story missions come about. So. I go to Stawberry. Kill all the peoples that appraoch me. Go ubto the “single player hotel place” and kill a bunch of lawmen to lowerr my “honorable” level. And. Nopes. Still no story missions. Yet. I joined a posse that FORCED me to play through a story missions I hadn’t comes across. So. WTF mate? Right?
  7. Being a “business partner,” meant something. I thought.
  8. The channel on YouTube, Internet Historian,is a great watch. I’m just saying.
  9. DUde. All’s I wanna do right now is play pinochole. With the, now, doubled deck (yuu know. Cause. pinochle). with this.

  10. The Gloriius Sons are the moedrn day Beetles. Forreals.
  11. Dude. I’m about to die, Like. ANye day now. Kinda like like whole reason I don’t wanna put a dollar into the upkeep of the car I drive. That shiThat’t’s gonna explse on me any second now. So;. Yeah. That’s kinda the same experience I have with mh health. Basoca;;y That car[s ab9ut to explosde at any minute. Abd. So’s my heart. Right? The fuck’s the point in point XP into any of those things at this point? Other than.
  12. You know.
  13. Next April.

  14. And.
  15. I mean.
  16. I believe. I’ve milked this rambling dry.
  17. A=E=DUB! A-E-DUB-DUB!
  18. jUST give me my Asuka alredy. Right?

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