The Batman Wedding that was #50

I said I was going to do a bunc of ramblings celebrating 80 years of Batman. And all that. And. I mean. I intended to write one of those tonight. But. I can’t dude to… not having the ability to, basicall.y. And basicaly I’m stilll going to to the thing. But it’s going to be MUCCH more awesome and such. Just. Trust me. When the big, next two, ramblings celebrating Batman’s 80th birthday happen… it should be a good time all-round, indeed.


Yeah. So. Outside of doing what I intended to write tonight/this morning, I brainstormed until the physical pain I feel nightsly went away )although, that’s probably still there). and I came up with something I… promabouy should have written like… close to a year ago.

Like always, right?

But basically.

I wanna talk about this thing.

Batman #50.

You know, Batman and Catwoman finally grt married. In the comics. And such. I bought the issuea. I read it. All that. And. Hell. I teared up in certain parts. I have no idea what they were. When the tears came to me. But. Like. Jut after purchasing the comic, I sat at my sister’s dining table and read the whole thing. And yeah dude. I got choked up. It was a good read.

Overall, I liked it. I liked the way they told the sorty. Where like. Batman and Catwoman wrote letters to each other. And that’s what the art reflects. It’s all brilliantly pulled off.


I mean.

Yeah dude.

I get it.’


And. I mean. Merhaps I need to warn you trhAT I’m about to spoil the story for you? I don’t know. All I do know is that. Spolers happen. Now. So. Hate me. Like. Dude. “I don’t need to give this warning. For Something so old.” Slay me. I know, dude, I’m being dumb.

But yeah dude. Comic readers. Avid comic readers. Got RUSSO~! SWERVED~!

Cause Batman and Catwoman didn’t getg married. Even though. You know. To me. THe Batman expert person, thing, that I am. Whatever. Catwoman IS Batman’s “love of his life” as much as Lois is to Clark. Kinda thing. Even though… at the same time. Dude. She totally isn’t. BUT. She’s the closest thing to it. Blah.

Yeah. The don’t get married. In this “EXTRA SIZED ANNIVERSARY ISSUE~!” Nopes. Unlike ClARK and Lois in the 90’s when they finaly married to sell¬† bunchh of copies. Batman and Catwoman don’t. Marry.

And it’s like.

I mean. If I’m someone that, for whatever reason, dedicated SO MUCH SO to read EVERY comic since Rebirth, or New 52, or whatever dick size DC is mezuring themselves out as these days, and I’ve bought EVERY issue. From #1=50. Then yeah. I’m sure I’d be pissed off. But dude. I mean.

The first 15 seconds of this clip. That’s ALL that NEEDS to be watched for this rambling. But. I mean. Obviously. Watch the FULL thing for more context. If you haven’t seen it. Like a psychopath. Or something.

Catwoman? She’s ALWAYS BEEN someone to do a heel turn on Batman.


From the 60;s TV show.

Which. I mean. This isn’t even an example at all. It’s just… the best scene from the 6p’s show I can find.

And. I mean. I’m not saying she heel turns on Batman in #50 at all. I’m just saying. THere’s ALWAYS a RUSSO SWERVE~! When Catoman’s involed. Shit dude. Batman and Catwoman should have gotten married at the conclusion of Hush. You know. THe bbest Batman stry ever. But instead. They’re both )Catwoman especially) are like, “Nah dude. I give up. Fuck this.”

And it ends with something like, “You’re always going to be who you are.”

And it’s great.

If you’re me. A self-proclaimed BAtman expert. And you’re going into this comic… out of context… as I did.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Dude. I WANTED to get behind DC an start following comics when the New 52 happened, right? THen. YOu know . Batan #1 happend. And Two-Face appears. As the fucking Hulk. Out of no wheres. As a cliff hanger~! And I’m like, “No dude. Fuck off.” Most likely. That was just some sort of clone, experiment type of thing gone wrong or whatever. But. FUck off. Right?

Then. I read. “Rebirth.” Bamtan #1. And theres. You know. GOTHAM CITY BOY ANF GRIL~! Or whatever. After Batman’s bitched about how Gotham doesn’t have, and doesn’t need a “meta human” to watch over it or whatever. And. I’m like, “Fuck you, dude. I’m done.”

Basically. As far as like… “linear” comic reading is concerned? I’m done . For the most part. I’ve kept up with Batman: Damned (and… I mean… some day… me or my non-ever-existant kin will be thousandaires because of it). And I’m doing the whole, “Doomsday Clock” Thing. And all that. But. Nah. DUde. I HIGHLY doubt I’d ever follw comic stories all the way through. Issue-to-issue. Although. I’m now doing the same with Last Knight(?) I think that’a the newesr “Black Label” title.


Bottom line?

I liked Batman #50. I did. Hate me. Slau me. All that.

Obviously, it woul’dbe ben cool if Batman and Catwoman got it overwith and married already.

But it’s totally cool, to me, that they didn’t.

And the art work )of course, especially by Jim Lee) was great dude. I LOVED the comic.

The end?

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