The XFL’s Rebirth

Now. I mean. I realize tyhat like… this story’s like a month old now. More? right? Somewheres in there at least. But like. Complications. And damn it. I just wanna talk about soem XFLness. Right? I mean. What else is there? OH NO~! ANOTHER GUN CONTROL DEBATET THING~! OH NO THE MEDIA’S BEEN A TOTAL CUNT ABOUT NORTH KOREA~! SHOCKING~!

Instead. Let’s focus on… “ON NO~@@ NFL PLAYERS ARE KNEELING~!” sIGH. Something like that.


This is the XFL~! AGAIN~! DAMN IT~!


basically. Like I told… anyone that listened. Which was no body. When this news first broke. I said: “This is an absolutely brilliant move.” Because. You know. It is. For the most part. Right?

NFL:’s ratings are down. A lot. And such. Sure this could be attributed to the NFL being broadcasted to… what was it this year? Amazon? I don’t know. Sure, it can be attributed to prettty much all of televisions recent decline. Because. You know. Streaming’s a thing and all that.

There’s many-a factor when taking consideration into the NFLs’ rtatings decline. But I mwN, when pollewd abnd such, most NFL fans say they’re tuning out due to the Natinal Anthem protests. So. There’s that.

And here. The only time I ever realy talked about all of this was one Colin Kaepernick kcickstarted the movement off on GoFundMe and such.

But. I’ll try to restate what I think, quickly. Though it probably won’t be quick. Cause. Nothing is ever quick. Except for death and taxes. Or. However the saying hoes.

I guess…

The only way to say it is, the way I’ve been saying it in my mind for the poassed.. sxisih months or wahtever. Probably more. Whatever.


Of course. The NFL players, kneeling, protresting, all of that. They have EVERY right to do so. It’s just. You nkow. A dick way to go about it, right? Like, why in the living hell would you stand REMOTELY cloese to Colin Kaepernick? Right? The dde that got benched in favo of BLAINE FUCKING GABBERT…. TWQICE.

And you know. This dude.


Protest all you want. And apparently. Protest all you want on the NFL and NFL owers’ dimes. And such.

Just know. You’re being an absolute dick by doing iut. Right?

That’s my stance on most things these days.

Yes. You have every right to do what you’re doing. Just know you’re being a dick by doing it. Right?

Makes sense?

I think that explaiuns my thoughts on this whole situations. I dunno. robably not.


By doing these protests, not only are you being a dick, but you’re causing a rift in your fanbase. You know. Th e people that, essentially, pay your million dollar salaries. Blah blah blah.

All that.

Anfd with that of that being said. This rift has now been created. Pro-NFL Pretestors/Anti-NFL Protesters/And the usual “DILLIGIAF” tweeners. Like me. (Hrpmh. Merhaps I should have become a Shannon Moore-on. ) And. I mean. It’s smart business, you know.

vince Mcmahon. The dude that did all of this.

Man. This video editing sucks. Watch the show if you’ve got the Network. The beginning of the 9/13/01 SmackDown, anwyays.

Do you think he’s going to put up with dickheads being dickheads?

That alone appeals to the portion of the uadience that has felt ailenated by the NFL and the rift they’ve created. You’ll have the casuals that will be curious. And plus, the few “NFL” die-hards that will be join the fun, if only at the very beginning.

It’s just smart.

I’m sure I’ve said opposite in the past. Hell. I’m positive that I have. But Vince McMahon, unlike his “Battle of the Bullionaires” counterpart is undeniably brilliant. Even if it’s ina “head scratchingly” way. Merhaps that’s not all that different to his “battle of the billionaires” counterpart.

Oh wells.

Throw the Trump/XFL conspiracy theories in there if you wanna. Hell man. Just a couple of months agoe (which was probably more like a year ago when the quote was directly made), Vince siad in the 30 for 30 on ESP about the XFL, released back in September Year of our Lord, 2017 (I swear, when I really give a shit again, I’ma do a rambling about this “AD” thing, thanks Louie.):

“I thought it had great potential to work at the time. And I still think it’d be a good idea today.”
-Vince McMahon on “This Was the XFL” ESPN’s 30 for 30 episode. Kinda.

Not a direct quote. But pretty close. And if he didn’t say anything near that in “This was the XFL,” then…


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