The Anthem Age Effect of Mass Dragons

Dude. I’ve got no idea what this rambling is. Exactly. Forreals. Sure. You could say the same for most every rambling I write and suh, sure.


I mean.

I gues..

Let’s go with the obvious, right?



Mass Effect: Andomeda as an online co-op. WIgth MUCh better cutscenes. And being Iron Man. Right?

And. I mean. That’s THE BEST. That ANYONE should have EVER expected from the game. I mean. If you watched that 2=17 E2 (or was it 2018?) reveal, learning… THE INSTANT THAT THE GAME WAS ANNOUNCESD that it was NOTHING more than EA/BioWare remaking Destiny, and had HIGH expectations of the game… like… fprreals, dude. Give me whatever makes you high. I NEED that shit in my life. Whatevr you’re on. I need it. My life would be improved. A lot. Forreals.

Just the LITTLE bit of gameplay ive seen by way of reviews and shit. It’s NOTHING but Mass Effect: Andromeda. With nubers shooting at you as you shoot. And like. MUCH longer hovering times.

Not only that. But. Again. From what I’ e gathered. Mass Effect: Andromeda has sa FAR superior story. Which… says A LOT.

aND. I mean. I just randomly started plaiing Mass Effect: Andromeda, again. And I mean. Still. FINAL patches and all. And like. Cutscenes with PeeBee are still “T” posed like they have been since the beginning. And. Like.

Shit like this can still happen. And. I mean. Worse, probably.

 But. Fprreas. As much as I, STILL love Mass Effecct: Andromeda, it’s unoubgtedly a rushed out piece of shit with half, if not only a quarter, of its plot thought out.

But. It does have a legit HEART to it. Whne it wants to. Jaal taking a shot to the face in front of Aksul. Sarah Ryder’s lesbianism moments? Cora? And. FUCK YOU. PeeBee is ONE of Mass Effect’s most intriguing characters. I’d even say she’s FAR more intrigueing than Liara. Better sex scene or not. GTFO.



Again. If you didn’t know that this gme was going to be NOTHING but Destiny but only worse this time. Then like. Please. Move me to your home world of Thessia already.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was described as: “the apology.”

By this guy. One of my favorite “YouTubers.”

Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Rises had BETTER come with a free blowjob. Or, in my case, a free opportunity to eat someone out (because, you know, I’m a male lesbian), on top of that apology. But. You know. “Dagon Age has ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT BELONGING!” Or whatever.

But hey. Intersectionality is now a thing. So.

Is BioWare done? I mean. Probably. EA is a soulless place of bullshit.

So. Merhaps. We’ll get a Mass Effect mobile ggame on this year’s N7. And I mean. THAT’S A LITERAL MOONSHOT. Most likely, Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Rises will be the mobile game we get. Because. Like WWE, that’s how EA/BioWare are operating.


My face is tired. So. I’ll get this in before I go:

Mass Effect: Andromeda could and SHOULD have been SOOOOOO much better. It just isn’t. It’s a FUN game to play. But lacks far too much to outweigh its negatives. And. I mean. I’mm pretty sure that’s what happened to Anthem too. But. I’ll never know, as far as Anthem is concerned.

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