The Future is: Sex Robots



How much explanation of this is needed, innit?

I mean. Forget everything that Elan Musk is spewing, right? You know. We need to olonize Marsbefore AI takes over the world. And all that. You know. Fiurst things first here, everyon. In the history of ever. We’re all going to be like, “dude, I don’t want to put up with bullshit anymore. Gimme some sex robots.” Right?

More and more.

These sorts of sex robots are becoming lifelike.

Hellk man. Watching pornos starring your favorite actress is already… practically real… And… just THAT technology is growing better and better itself eevery day, dude.

Andm an. The sex robots industry is starting to become… pretty huge. Right? It’s starting to become a pretty big deal, anyways. It’s an emerging market. and it’s only going to skyrocket. Investors. Dump money into companies making these things.



About THAT “video article (thanks Steph for the new term),” Thing is… I don’t understand why the hell you’d put on VR goggleness to fuck your sex robot, right? That doesn’t make any sense at all.

Fucking a sex robot? tyotally makes sense. Like. Increasingly makes sense. More and more and such.

I mean. You can be dating someone. Ask them for a blowjob. They… reluctantly (reluctantly is even too strong of a term) agree. And. You can be accused of sexual assault these days. EVEN THOUGH… the accuser herself admits, she wasn’t forced to do anything. ‘Twas nice knowing you, James Franco.



Forreals. I’m a nobody, fat, ugly asshole. Right? The only bit of these problems that would be “relatable to me” or whatever is that I’ll never be able to find a woman. And such. Right?

But. More and more. I’m thinkingl, “Dude, why would I even want to try and enter a relationship with a woman? I mean. If you ask a woman more than once on a date… you’re a sexual assaultant~@!” And such man.

But hey!

Even these internal thoughts make feminist burn their panties in protest… or somethikng more relevenat to today. Because. The feminist argument is: “Hey! Sex robots make woman no more than objects!”

Which. Like.


Seriously? That’s the best you can do?

One of these.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
CAHBLOWY?! I dunno.

dDude. Feminitsts. You can’t have it both ways. At all right?

#1. You bitch that men treat women like objects.
#2. You bitch that men are treating objects “like women.”

Dude. Shut up. Ya’ll are starting this mess. Obviously.

And man.

Like. Obviously. Sex robots are the future. This is logical. ERight?

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