The Total Destruction of….




Holy. Shit.

I don’t know if I’ve EVER been THIS pissed off about a rambling before I ACTUALLY write it and shit. I mean. {rpbab;uy  Obama in 2012. Reelections. Things. MAYBE. But like. No dude.

Seriously. This is the wqorst thing. Dude. I’m trying not to be political. Forreals. I don’t want ANY part of America’s political structure/arguments/whatever of today. But man. This is… (I KNOW I said this in the recent past) the worst thing. I’ve ever seen. With my eyeballs. Forreals.






How the fuck do you respond to that shit? How? How is it possible to make a correspondense to that shit? Fucking. Dude. Just. Fucking. No. Man. Just. Like. Like. Fucking. Shit. Dude. There’s. No. Fucking. Words. Dude. None. Just. Fucking. obscenities. Dude. Forreals. fucking. FDuck.

Just. Man. Dude. Man. You watch that fucking ad. And if you’ve put on Comedy Central in the last few weeks. Then dude. You’ve seen this ad. And like. How? Right? How do you like… fucking…




How in the LIVING FUCK does this shit exist? How? Dude.

I know “Black lives matter” is all trendy (and even saying thatmakes me a racist or whatever) but.. dude.


Fuckingl. No. Man. No.

I’ll just get the easiest bit out of the way first.

*IF* it’s true that “big tobacco” are advertising more heavily in black neighborhoods… So what? Right? ESPECIALLY considering that… what’s shown in the video as “advertisements” are nothing more than “Hey… a pack of smokes are EIGHT-FUCKING-DOLLARS here in D.C.” (just… sigh… I’m going to let that bit of information slide for now)

And sure. MAYBE “big tobacco” called the black community a priority. Or whatever. And again. I say: So? If you’re a MAJOR company. You want to market towards EVERYONE in order to make money, innit? And since. You know. There’s laws and shit now… HEAVILY restricting tobacco advertisements. “Big tobacco” will OBVIOUSLY want to do ANY bit of marketing they can.





I can’t take it.

But hey, Truth.

You know. The anti-tobacco organization. Truth.

If your SO God damn focussed on “big tobacco” and you’re SO GOD DAMN WORRIED about the black popultion… or… fucking… whatever the hell your little commercial thing up there is on about.


Forrteals man.

Look. Whenever I remotely talk about htis issue I always bring it up. But. As far as abortion goes? I don’t know where I stand on it. The humanist (if that’s the word) in me is like, “Yeah dude, you shouldn’ty be killing off potential human beings.” And the Libertarian in me is like, “Yeah dude, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg, what business is it of mine what someone else does to their pregnancy?” (Now… there are some common sense things… that blah… I’m going too deep into thought)

But literally man. Planned Parenthood was founded under the extermination of the black race.

Before I end this rambling. I’d be remiss to say this little tidbit.

Even before I smoked. When I was like… 10 years old or something. And… “TheTruth” had that lame commercial with teenage girls in the mirror applying facial cremes… oir whatever. And then one of the girls burst into flames because… “Tobacco is the only product that actually kills its users” or whatever it said.

Or when this was going ’round (although… I did smoke at the time this ad made its rounds).

The point is… I’ve ALWAYS hated these “Truth” ads. ALWAYS.

And since. You know. I’ve become a smoker after theuy started doing their little commercials and shit. It should, MABYE, tell you how effective they are. Innit?

Oh yeah. And just.. fucking… watch the moive (or read the book of the same name) Thank You for Smoking. Forreals. WHile it DOESN”T take a FIRM stance on anti/pro-smoking. It’s FUCKING awesome.


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