Love is Love?

Now, before I get into this. I need to make a quick preface. What I’m about to do talk about has a lot to do ith marriage equality, sexual preference, things like that. And although It may seem like it, what I’m not going to do is compare one sexual preference, marriage equality issue, etc. to another. I promise. That’s not att all what I’m going to do here. I’m not labelling “one of these things is better/more important/whatever” than the other. At all.

Please, dude. Just take my word for it.

And basically, what sparked this little thought of mine has nothing to do with — anything. Like at all. It’s just. I’ve been hyping myself up a bit too much about this Mass Effect: Andromeda upcomgin video game, right?

And in one of the Youtuve videos I watched. You know. To keep hyping myself. I t was a nothing little video. The dude was just going over some of the news that had been revealed at the time or whatever. But. This little nugget here showed up.

To explain as easily as possible: In the Mass Effect (and Dragon Age, since that’s about to come into play in this rambling here in a minute — both games are made by the same developer, BioWare) series, you are able to “romance” differenct characters thatyou run into during the course of the game, right? In Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll be playing as one of twoi brother/sistr twins, your choice as which you’d like to do. Right?

And since thre was a bit of an uproar in a previous game, Dragon Age II, which had a… similar system when it comes to gener/sibling options, there was a portion of the game’s fanbase that wanted to romance the other sibling.

Now. Number one. I’ve got to mention this. Because. Reasons.

Michael Gamble up there, whose bee a producer of Mass Effect games for quite a while, has nothing to do with Dragon Age. From what I’ve been able to quickly research. (RANDOM SIDENOTE: for the HARDECOREEE~! gamer that may be reading this. Yes. I know how much influence Gamble has in Mass Effect‘s developement. I just wans’t sure of his involvment in Dragon Age)

Sigh. I KNOW I’m doing too much ramblings about video games. But I promise. This is all going to be worth it. Just stick with me.

Now, BioWare, as their romance system progressed (along the same time as the Democratic Party in America… I’m justp ointing out that fact) it become more and more frequent to showcase homosexual romance options. Things of that nature. Which. You know. Don’t get me wrong. That’s TOTALLY fine. If you know me, you know I’m a 1000% supporter of marriage equality. I’m simply pointing out that fact here.

Then.. they pushed the envelope even further. With… just… this.

OK. Cool. There’s a transgendered person in the game. Again. I’m TOTALLY 1000% fine with this (although… it does NOT make sense, given the LORE of the game, that “horned” character up there, whatever… but even given that… I still get the point they’re making… and I’m still 1000% fine with it). BioWare’s obviously, sociall progressive. Which is cool and stuffs. I’m socially progressive too. By and large.

What I don’t understand. Like. At all.

Is how in the living hell.

Siunce we all agree with the term, “Love is love.” And how we’re supposed to accept everyone’s potential sexual orientation. Love interest. Whatever.

How can you POSSIBLY be unaccepting of…

Consensual. Adult. Incest…?

Now. Yes. It’s totally gross. Because. Societial standards. I’d never want to partake in such an activity. But. I mean. Watch Mad Men. We’re LITERALLY treating the incestuous like homosexuals in the 60’s.

“What the hell, man…” As Michael Gamble put it.

We’re doing the exact same thing to bigamists. Bigamy is still a crime punishable by law. Literally. In most situations… (at least in America) bigamists enter the relationship(s) consenually. As adults. Forreals. Come at me, SJW. Tell me. HOW IN THE LIVING HELL bigamy should be illegal.

Like. I can at least SEE an argument against accepting incest. Bad genetics. Potentially leading to the decline in the human race. And all of those sorts of stuffs and things. But when it comes to bigamy? No dude. There’s NO reason for there to be ANY sort of negative stigma at all.

And yet.

“Love is love.” “We can’t judge.”

I’m doing my 1000% best to not make this rambling political. Because… well… because.

But man.

I guess it just goes to show. Nothing makese sense anymore. Nothing. At all.


Oh shut up, you.

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