The Batman Cometh Not? But Probably?

Whell… just as I thought of this little idea of mine. You know. To ramble about the apparent troubles that Warner Bros. and DC have had during this preproduction of  the next stand alone Batman movie. I learned that Matt Reeves has officially signed on to direct the thing. Not only that, but apparently, there’s now going to be a Nightwing movie, directed by Chris McKay?! Hrmph.

So. Merhaps. Things aren’t as bad as they have seemed over the last few weeks? Maybe?

Bt. I mean. Like.

The thing that was sold to us Batmanturbators. You know. Those of us that called the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman a “crime against humanity.” We all aggreesd. It would be awesome to have him direct a Batman movie. Even the same day that we learned about the casting. We all agreed. this was a two-for-one kinda deal.

OK. Mostly, byu “we all” in that paragraph up there, I just mean me. But still.

My Thoughts on who should Direct “The Batman.”

Here dude. Here’s jsut a timeline of how “strage” (that’s a ghood word for it, I guess) the developement of The Batman has gone. All of this has. Pretty much. Taeken place in the past… tjree r two weeks. Legit.

  1. Ben Affleck says he’s going to be directing the movie.
  2. Ben Affleck dropped out of directing the movie.
  3. It’s rumored that Matt reeves will direct the movie.
  4. It’s rumored that Ben Affleck wants out of his WB contract COMPLETELY. He’ll no longer be Batman. Stuffs like that.
  5. It’s rumored that Matt Reevess didn’t take on the project.
  6. It’s confirmed that Matt Reeves will be directing The batman.
  7. And then this.



You know.

The obviously… Obvious.

One of these.

So like. Hopefully things are OK?


I don’t know man.

Things are NOT OK in the world of Ryan. Or whatever. I’m not liking a lot of this. I mean. Sure. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was a decent enough movie. Cloverfield was revolutionary for its time. But that mostly had to do with the marketing of the movie. And shit dude. I… legit… up until like an hour or two ago thought that J.J. Abrams directed Cloverfield. But whatever.

Hopefully things will get less crazy now? Ben’s… obviously got some Bat-fatigue happening. Things like that.

I guess this year will be the proving ground, right? If Wonder Woman is in thae shambles that it’s been reported to be in… and Justice League also goes to shit. Then. I mean. This DCCEU things. It’s obviously going to go capiut. Right?


Again. Man. WHo knows? We’ll see. And stuffs.

But a confgirmed Nightwing director? Out of NO WHERES? Dudew. I know the world is upsidedown these days. But please. Man. PLEASER. Can SOMETHING make sense? SOMETHING?! ANYTHING?


I’m not sure why I pissed YOU off. But I’m pretty sure there’s reason for it. Maybe I didn’t mention that Nightwing should be portrayed by a woman or something? Either way. Calm down, you.

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