The Philosophy of Me


This idea came to ke. Like. A few nights ago. I’m laying in bed. In pain and stuffs. Because… reasons I don’t need to go into. And for whatever reason, I start thinking about shit that’s on my Facebook profile. Shi t that i wrote years ago.

Anmd for whatever reason, the bit that hits me is what I put for “Religion.”

My answer, to this day, on Facebook is:
Agnostic, with a Christian/spiritual twist.

And as i laid in bed the other night. I thought of ways to describe this “belife” of mine,. And as I was even speaking the words out loud, the thought came to me — “Dude, this would be a pretty good rambling.” Right?


One. Two. Skipe a few.


Here we are.

“Agnostic with a Christian/spiritual twist.”

That statement can be taken in a lot of different ways. So. Alow me to… you know. Attempt to break it down as much as I can.


You know.

The point of this rambling, kinda. Right?

Although, hopefully… I’ll break this down even deepenr than religion. We’ll see. right?


  1. Don’t be a dick. Like. Does that need tpo be explained? I don’t care if you live in a Christian dominated neighborhood (or whatever) or if you’re living in a Muslim/Jewish/Budhist/Agnostic/Atheist/whateverist neighborhood. Don’t be a dick. Man. Right? If someone believes something other than you. Let them believe it. I mean. This is the FIRST part of the FIRST ammendment of th e American Cponstitution. Right? It should be pretty much common sense these days.
  2. Acknowledge shit. I mean. Come off it, dude. Trey Parker said it best when he said something along the lines of, ” The dumbest argumdnt is that we’re all here… just cause.” He was speaking about atheism. Science. Things. ‘Earth is hear just becoause of chance.’ Things.
    And I mean. Dude. That’s PRETTY MUCH nonsense. Like. 1000% nonsense. If the Earth were something like a quarter mile off the sun’s rotation in either direction… life wouldn’t be able to live here. And. Like. That’s alll due to CHANCE? Seriously (sigh… there’s SOOOO many “evironmentalisty/global warming” alarmist arguments to be had here)
    Come off it. Forrreals man.
  3. Judge not lest ye be judged yourself and all that. Like. Man. Politically? The “Philosphy of me” is… (generally… becazuse, there’s SOME objections to this) “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what business is it of mine?” And I’m prettyu sure that’s a Thomas Jefferson quote. If not than it’s someone equally as awespome as him.

    Sigh. Yes. Jefferson, like most Founding Fathers owned slaves whilst preaching against slavery. Sigh. “DNA CONFIRMS~!” Fuck you.
  4. What happens when we die? Dude. MORE THAN LIKELY… we’re all just going to live in 1880 again. You know. Because. Like. NONE% of anyone reading this right now lived in 1880. So. MORE THAN LIKELY… we’re going to return to that same sort of nothingness.
    BUT. Like. Givin my belief that there’s pretty much NONE% of a chance that we’re all here… by chance. OI do believe that there’s SOME sort of afterlife.
    Do we walk up to “Saint Peter? (JESUS… I hope not)” to judge uys>? Do we meet our anciestors and determine whether or noit if we’d like to return to earth? Do we just… you know… lay down. IN that coffin/furnace (sorry if tat’s you) and remain there with our thoughts for eternity?
    I don’t know. Obviously. But life’s too short to be bogged down with these sorts of lame details.
  5. Do your best to be happy. Right? Like. Doest that need ANY explanation? Like. At all?
  6. Don’t hate. Like. Forreals. Don’t HATE anyone. Have your disagreements. Arguements. THisngs. Sure. But…. if you’re willing to COMEPLETELY disregard somone because of what you think/believe/how they treated you/whatever? Don’t ever. EVER do that. Roight?

And. Basically. Man.

Tghat’s Ryans’ Religion.

THe Kool-Aid’s over here:

More than likely, there’s some sort of “Mexico/Trump” joke here. I’m ONLY pointing that out. That’s all.


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