10 Years of Drunken Ramblings — Part One — The Origins

Let’s go back. Back to a time when things made sense.

It’s aroun 2005,,, I’m a junior… about to be a senior in high school. Although, it could be earlier. It might’ve been 2004. In which, I’d be a sophomore, yadda, yadda. But. The point is. Once upon a mid-2000’s, I was a teenager in high school. MySpcace was also a thing at the time. And. I’m pretty sure, I didn’t get on there until 2005 at the earliest. Either way.

One of the first times I was ever drunk. Not THE firar. But. Whatever. I hopped on AIM. And I talked to my friend, Jorden. And he said something like “I still write normally when I’m drunk” or something. Meanwhile, I was over there, misspelling everying fucking word as I talked to him, you know? And so. The idea started to form. And stuffs. The idea brew. And brew. And brew.

So. I began writing drunken ramblings. On MySpace. Blogs. Things. I’d name them “Drunken Ramblings volume I,” or “volume IX” or whatever, you know. However it progressede. And I’d just ramble. Whatever my drunken, teenage mind, thought. Be it thoughts on my crush, thoughts on wrestlings, cars, video games, fuck.. I’ve got no idea what I was thinging back in high school anymore, honestly. But. I wrote all of these things, I think. All in one MySoace blog. And there were several volumes of them.

So… boom.

As a concept, “RyansDrunk.com” began. Kind og.

And while, I can’t show a smidge of proof of this. At least I can still prove that SHOWrestling was a thing. In 2001.

Yup. This banner existed, I suppose. From L-R: No idea, Evil Mezziah, Jake Jeckel, Mr. Tern, SILeNT, Perfectionist. This banner existed…. according to November 4, 2001… So, I mean, that’s pretty cool, right?

And. I mean… before I go TOO deep into e-wrestling (because that, kinda, happens in the next rambling)… just… read this text from where I got that banner…


About Show

SHOW is an angle based fed. That means if even if you RP 100,000 lines and we have a story line for you to lose you will lose.But for the fans no one can join unless they are invited. And if you ask is how is SHOW different from any one else? Well we are not, we are just like all of the 1000s of other feds out there. But we do promise to bring very good story lines for each and every “SHOW.” And we also provide poser wrestlers and other great graphics that will catch your eye. We have a dedicated staff that devotes a lot of time to SHOW. And in case you are wondering who the Universal Designs Network is, well they are a company over the internet. They will make a HTML based web page with java and everything. But their site is under construction.



The Staff (not including the Universal Designs Network) consists of 5 people. 3 you may have heard about in different links. But this is about the staff:PreZ KoNing (Garrett)
President/Owner Of SHOWrestling
Koning does the Web design and manages the site on SHOWrestling

Commish Tern (Bill)
Commissioner Of SHOWrestling & Part Of The Creative Team
Tern does the web graphics/poser images that you will come across while visiting SHOWrestling. And he helps with some of the creativeness/story lines going on in SHOW

John Fiktshion (Ryan)
Head Of The Creative Team And Part Designer
Fiktshion makes almost all of the story lines in SHOW. And he helps with some of the graphics/posers

Other People On The Creative Team:
Co-Head Of The Creative Team & Helps With Storylines
Helps With Storylines


Thank You(s)

We all would like to thank the Universal Designs Network for all their help with the HTML and everything else they did to help SHOWrestling Inc. grow. Also to all the fans that still come to check out any recent updates. EW Central for all their help with us in this business. And we thank all of the wrestlers that have agreed to our agreement, and have joined. Well basically… 


THIS IS MODERN ME TALKING NOW: Firstly, outside of Garret, Billy and myself, I have no idea who those other people are.

And, Jesus Christ, no fucking wonder Kamlesh called us mediocre if that bit of writing is any sort of example. If you want to see the exact archived page, it’s here.

But here guys. Here’s the most high schooliest me you can ever imagine. So. Enjoy?

The God damn Xanga blog thing. Oof. Funny this is that this happened before the legit “Wiseguy Records” contacted me and, basically, sent me a cease and desist, all unprofessional and shit, lol…

Basically, my Xanga blog was where I’d write like, “legit” diaries. Meaning, if it was too personal for Myspace, I’d write it on Xanga. That banner there, though, I’d just update it with whatever I liked, thought was funny, etc. I remember someone came at me for being racist because of that Edward Norton thing there, right? But I mean… Norton is ashamed of his tattoo, you know? That’s kinda the point of American History X, blah… shut up, modern me!

That’s some awesome times. I’m guessing it’s fall of 2005. Especialls since that ECW logo is there. But whatever man.

I dunno. None of this has to do with the origins of RyansDrunk.com.

Although, I kinda mentioned the origins already.

But. Not realls.

So. It’s 2011. I’m still equally as dumb as I ever have been. And I posted on Facebook (pretty sure):

I’m thinking about starting a blog of drunken ramblings, WHO’S INTERESTED?!

It was something similar to that anyways. My friend, Jorden, was one, if not the ONLY, person that commented with something like “HELL YEAH DUDE! DO IT!”

And so… here we go. I leave you with the first EVER rambling written on RyansDrunk.com (basically)

And no, I wasn’t drunk when I wrote it. but it’s in here.


I swear to drunk I’m not God

No really. I’m as sober as Robert Downey Jr. the night after a wrap party. Okay, that was a horrible simile. But that’s alright.  The point is, I’m not drunk at the moment. Scout’s honor. Or something.

The purpose of this first blog is to give you a bit of a quick introduction. Let you know who I am. And to hopefully put into perspective what you could expect in the future.

I’m Ryan. I’m an Aries, that’s if it doesn’t change again this week (NOTE: I’m still counting myself as an Aries because I’m pretty positive that the whole, “OH NOZ~! WE IZ GOT NU SIGNZ~!,” thing was nothing more than a scam to try and boost the sales of astrology material, horoscopes and what have you). I work as a bartender. Or, at least I’m about to as of this writing. But… by the time you’re reading this, it’ll probably happen. I love to write and read. I like to go for long drives. And I absolutely love to be drunk. I try my best to not do the both of those last two things at the same time, but hey… shit happens, innit?

As suggested, this blog o’ mine will be filled with drunken ramblings. Who knows what subjects will come up? Politics? Entertainment news? My own personal life? Anything and everything is open.  Two things should be understood:
1. I will leave each and every drunken typo untouched. This is usually fairly challenging as I can work my way around a  keyboard pretty decently, even when drunk. Out of instinct, I may correct the typos but I’ll change it right back.
2. After this entry, I will ONLY be making posts when drunk.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about me feel free to ask me anything you’d like. I’m pretty much an open book. So… yeah. Sit back and enjoy, innit?

Well, that didn’t pan out too well, did it?

We shall see. Next time.

When 10 Years of Drunken Ramblings continues…

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