Amy Shucmer.

Just had a Netflix special released and stuffs. Right? The Leather Special and all that. And. I watched it. Because. There was a time when Amy Schumer was awesome. Legit. So. I still had some hope that, merhaps, there was some sort of glimpse of awesomeness that culd potentially Happen in this here ‘Leather Special.”



I didn’t even crack a smile throughout the entire thing.

Maybe that just means that I’m soulless or something.


More than likely.

This whole, “Amy Schumer” thing has just jumped the shark. Right?

Although, I did. Legit. Chuckle once during Schumer’s HBO Special, Live at the Apollo. Only to find out that the joke she told was, allegedly stolen.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: The Leather Special was filmed in Denver. DENVER. Just. Facepalms. Right?

legit, though man. There was a time. In like 3009-2010 or so when Amy Schumer was fucking awesome. She’d come on Fox News’ Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and she would be the star of the whole damn show.

She now classifies that time as “faking being a racist conservative so that Fox news would let her come on the show.” Don’t take that quote verbatim.

But man.


One of these. Obviously.

ESPECIALLY considering the fact that, she never even made “conservative” points on the show.

I mean. As far as “there was a time” things go, there was a time when Red Eye on Fox News was awesome. Even before FGrefg left the show. The decline of its awesomeness had happened and stuffs. But whatever. I still haven’t, purposely, watched Fox News inover a year. Red Eye was always the one show that I ever watched with regularity. Hell. I was even on the “let’s read emails” segment once.


Amy Schumer.

Tell me, dear reader…

Does her argument seem to be coming from a “racist conservative?”

The point is. Schumer was, for a time, a female Louis C.K. Legit. I had those sorts of high hopes for her and her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, which just… weren’t livevd up to. It was promoted, initially, as being an Amy Schumer version of F/X’s Louie.

And then it ended up being just another lame, Comedy Central sketch comedy show.

And. Look. Man. I could go into how dumb her “gun” arghument is. But. Like. At this point… what’s the point? Right? Plus. People like Dana Loesch have destroyed Amy Schumer enough already. Oh yeah. And it’s worth a mention that she’s related to Chuck Schumer. You know. The New York Senator.



I’m WAY over this “Amy Schumer” thing. Since, apparently, seeing a buck naked John Cena in Schumer’s Trainwreck movie wasn’t enough to turn me off of of her, then this COMPLETELY unfunny Netflix special put the final nail in her coffin so to speak.

I’m done with Amy Schumer. Completely. The end.

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