Milo Yapanapanapolous.

Like. Man.




WHy? Man. WHY?!

Other than the fact that free speech is awesome. And other than the fact that this dude has attacked the anti-free speech college campuses in a way that is totally awesome. As seen… you know… here…


I mean. As far as I know or am concerned? This is the greatedt thig Milo has ever done for humanity. You know. Being a part of giving us all the awesomeness is/was/whatever TrigglyPuff. Other than that? Like. Forreals? I couldn’t care less about the dude.

He’s pro-Trump? CHECK.
He’s said, (and is the creator of this quote) “We live in a post-fact world and it’s great.” CHECK
He’s said that he’s not for small/limited governement. CHECK.

So like. Why am I supposed to care about this guy again?

Sure. He’s made a career out of [prpvoking the left. And snowflakes. And “safe spacers.” Sure. That’s pretty cool. I suppose. But like. What does this dude actually STAND for? Free speech? Yeah. That’s TOTALLY awesome. But like. Outsiode of that?

*Jeopardy Theme*




I’m doing my 1000% bnest to not make this rambling political.

But forreals man.

OK fine, What he said, regarding pedophillia — or whatever — is coimparable to what Lena Dunha m admitted in her podcast as “molesting her little sister.” Sure. It’s comparable to Bill Maher not giving a fucking about Mary Kay Letourneau in the mid 90’s. Sure. Stuffs and things and word.



(I’m just pointing out here: I just said, “But fucking.”)


Who gives a shit? Right?

Like… why in the living cunt is ANYONE supposed to TRULY give a shit about what this guy thinks or what he has to say? Outside of the obvious, you know, free speech/free market of ideas argyument. The dude worked for Steve Bannon’s/Trump’s Pravda.



This all is WAY too political.

And I still couldn’t care less about any of it. But it’s relevant. Thus. Rambling. Boom.

Dude. I’m not going to even aknowledge you thyis time.

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