The Nerdiest Rambling Ever: My E-Wrestling Story Pt. 2

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Basically, Bilkl(y), Garrett and I had discovered jOlt. Somehow. Someway. We found jOlt. We had accomplished PLENTY with E(C)WO. Most of which was covered in the previeous rambling. But I mean. Forreals.Can ANYONE else out there thinglk of ANY other
Geocities/Angelfire/whatevertypeofhostingbackthenin…youknow…mid-2001? fed that had their own original posor work? I know I can’t probie the facts on this due to Geocities being nolonger. But I swear on my fucking life.

If you're normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.
If you’re normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.

Poser animation matches. Short poser animation matches. Original poser wrestlers. All that type of shit.

It was done in E(C)WO. On fucking Geocities. By me. Bill(y). And Garrett. We were the only ones to do that shit.

And then we found this thing called jOlt.
And reallty. That was all the motivation we needed.

We waited for Harrtt to steal some random desin he found online. Again. Like he had in all of heis preivoios endeaovors. And we were going to make the shift from geocities. To the “big time.”

We diud a bit of hype

We did all that we could.

But mostly, we made the official open date for October 31, 2001.

Bill(y) had came up with the story behind the “fed.” We all kind of settled on the

I know this came later in jOlt's lifetime. But this was the inspiration.
I know this came later in jOlt’s lifetime. But this was the inspiration.

“in charater” staff we would “handle.” Garrett would be Garrett KoNing, Bill(y) would be Mr. Tern, and I would be (John Fiktshon.

The story?

Tern and KoNing ran a plumbing business, both loved wrestling, both spent a fortune on lottery tickets. One of thos tickets hits big. KoNing was in control of the buying of the tickets, leaves out Tern. KoNing begins to create a wrestling company, Tern eventually gets wind of this after not hearing from his partner in months. Wrestling company opens.

October 31, 2001.

The opening was set.

And it was all about the…

Yeah. That.
Yeah. That.

A little note. The very first show had to be written three times. Maybe my computer crashes or something. Then my dad got pissed at me about something and just shut it off. And yeah. When it finally got put out there, it was probably a watered down piece of shit that it was. I dunno.

What I dod remember is that I ended it all WCW-like with a “OMG!~ WE GOTTA OG” TYpe ending.

Here… I wanna do this quick as I make my next point. In that banner there, we’ve got (from left to right) Genesis/SICK, Strider, SoulBlade, Carl Ca$h, Justin Pearce, Mad Dogg, (I can’t remember that guy there with his arms open), SILeNT, The Don, §adi§­­†ic. You see. We ahd no idea how shit worked. Just like in EWO, we just made posers for wrestlrs based on how we saw them, pretty much.

Like. We didn’t fgive a shit how the handlers saw there dudes. We didn’t ask for poser description s we just made the posers for the charsertcs. How we saw them. And all that. I remember, we had some dude wantingto handle some ICP bullshit cunts Jack and Jake Jeckel and we were like,” Dude, you ahould andle another character called IT.” And he agreed and we made some poser with like balloons and shit with an evil clown dude. And yeah. Whatever.

Umm… Other awesomeness happing? Nothing really. Well… about a week or three into the whole thing, Bill and I discovered this poser entrance thing posted on the old Right? Due to something the guy said to us, I guess we pretty much stole it. He posted it in what was pretty much like a forum post, or something and was like, “Hey, what do you think of this wrestling entrance scene, thing, that I did?’ But yeah. We stole an image from that posting he did, put one of our wrestlers (Posterboy) in front of it, and made it a splash image one week.

TUrns out, the guy that  made the shit was one of PCW’s biggest poser artists at the time. Mexi, perhaps? I dunno. But PCW starts raping our fan board.

And then…

Next thing you know.

We post, “SHOW beat PCW in the raitings this wwek!” On the front page.

And this is where all hell breaks loose.

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