The Nerdiest Rambling Ever: My E-Wrestling Story Pt. 1

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If you're normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.
If you’re normal, you can stop reading anything further in this rambling.

if you know me. Even a LITTLE bit from these here ramblings. You know that I’m quite the enthuasiatt of profession-al -wrestling. You know. That stuff heat WWE does. And you know. TNA. The former WCW. And ECW. And all that shit. I’m a huge fan of that “fake” sports shit. Bsicallty. Why? Well… that’s been discussed in PLENTY of detail throughout these ramblings.

And when my family had purchased our first computer with internet connection in around February onf 2000, somehow, and I don’t remember how, exactly, but I had heard of these things called “e-feds.”  Sigh. At ther moment, you have NO idea how much I hat e Yahoo for discontinuing geocities. But. Oh well.

Anyways. I had heard of these “e-feds,” right? And well… an “efed ” is basically… a fantasy wrestling promotion . Fantasy wrestling, when conducted online is generally a writing based MMORPG, pretty much. And yeah. That’s all the details you’re going to get from me. At this point, I assume you’re well versed in e-Wrestling. 

A recreation of the EVW and XPW logos. More details in the rambling.
A recreation of the EVW and XPW logos. More details in the rambling.

So yeah. Despite my best friend, Bill(y)’s dislike of me doing so, in the summer of 2000, I joined an e-fed called ECWF. Most likely that stood for, Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation. And it was hosted on Angelfire. I joined with my “BYW” named, Hardcore Game. This was a character I handed throughout my first year of eW. BUt… I’ll go into some more detail. But I pobably won’t cause I’m too drunk and fucking sleep exhausted at this point.

ECWF closed shortly after I had joined. A couple of membereds of ECWF created another Angelfire hosted place called AWF. And it whas here that I knw for certain that Bill(y) had finally jumped on board with these e-feds. I was set to be the AWF champion at the first PPB, but it never happened or soem shit. I don’t know.

I believe while all of thise was going on ,… if not the it was just after.. I began running my own e-fed called EVW. Whilst Bill(y) ran XBW. We competed against each other privately, trying to outdo one another’s shows and what not. This probably lasted for about two months. I’m not sure. Three at the most. I remember we got the same guy to make logogs for our fed. And we thought they were so fucking mazin . We both thoughr t that the XBW logo was the mind boggling awesome.

But anyways. However long those two feds lasted, we decided that it’d be best if we combined our “talents” and run a fed together. And thus we started E(C)WO (the “C” was removed towards the end there) in I believe Nobember of 2000. Aft first, we brocugh someome. who handled a character called “Smoke” with us that, I believe je was in EVW but was he in both ECWF and AWF with us to be a thir d “co-owner’ but he faded away after like the first month.

Sometime in the first few months of ECWO, we had discovered Jax’s PoserFactory. And we used some of those images for ECWO. Then we eventually made the conection to the Poser program. And we sought after it.

And maybe another month or two after S,p;e had left ECWo, we discovered this guy named Garrett.  We brought Garrett on bored to do some coding. And we “relaunched” some sort of verion of EWO.  We had our own posers for our wrestlers. For one of our shos, we… and I SWEAR ON MY FUCKING LIFE SWEAR on this shit… we had a show that was nothing but poser animation. I think the longest match ran for about one minute. I don’t know. But I swear. On THE FUCKING SUCCESS OF RYAN’S DRUNKEN RAMBLINGS… for one show, we did flash poser results on a fucking Geocities fed.

Due to my mind being COMPLETELY lost, I’m not exactly sure when this happened. But the begginning and summer of 2001, Bill(y) and I had discovered CWL.

The greatest fed ever. To this day, it's the ONLY fed that I have FULLY read without having been involved with it.
The greatest fed ever. To this day, it’s the ONLY fed that I have FULLY read without having been involved with it.

And once Bill(y) and I discovered CWL, we made a COMPLETE ripoff version of EWO. I mean. We had the CWL HTML codes and everything. Only, you know, where CWL had blue coloring, we had red. But we could never figure out how in the cunt those bastardes were able to through up random quots on portions of the site. Or… you know… something lame to that effect.

But whatever. I’m POSITIVE I’m cross-wiring facts here and there. But whatever.

At this point. I’m not really sure.

But in late 2001, Bill(y), Garrett and I had discovered the awesomeness that was jOlt Wrestling.

And. Well.


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