QUICK RAMBLING: M-m-m-my Corona

In case you’re curious.,,


Eh. There’s parody songs about this Corona/Sharona thing. And here I thought I was being original and creaitve and brave.

So. Basically. The beginning of the movie, Contagion, happened. Wherfe a disease in China, caused, poossivily by bats (last I heard, but bats and fish were the leading theoretical candidates… but… obviously… we don’t know as of yet), spreads worldwide and kills…


Excepts… you know. this coronavirus… COVID-19. Hasn’t even broken 5000 deaths worldwide. As of this writing.

I mean… sure… it’s close. But.

Even going with 5000.

Out of 7,000,000,000+ people on the planet. I mean. We’re talking VERY DAMN CLOSE TO… you know… NONE% of the human population has died because of Coronovirus. Period. The end.

Now. Does that mean it’s 1000% stupid to not be prepared for a MASSIzvE global outbreak? Especially since, you know, the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified this… situation as such? I mean. No. Dude. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. But. I mean…


I swear to God. I don’t care if it was Glenn BEck hisself. Whoever the fuck decided to spread this idea that “EVERYONE MUST HAVE TOILET PAPER!@ OR ELSE~!” idea… they need to be locked away. In prison. For life. I know. I know. I know. Freedom of speech and all. But. GTFO, dude. Whoever was the Patient Zerio of the “BUY TOILET PAPAR!” bULLSHIT needs to be brought in front of Congress. FFS. Congress has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to unseat the President already. Can they not do humanity a favor and figure out the cause of this shit? Please?

At first, I was worried that the toilet paper fiasco was just a local thing. But nopes. It’s like… one of the first results that comes up when you search for “covid 19” or “coronavirus,” someting like that. Whatever.

Most likely. It was 4chan.

I mean. If this doesn’t prove the absolute dumb assedness the world has become…. Again… my money is on 4chan creating the toilet paper shortage.

In all reality? Corona is going to go the way of SARS. Of West Nile Virus. OF Swine Flu. Of EBOLA.

Is it smart to take precautions? Of course.

Should we be OUTRIGHT CANCELLING ALL PUBLIC GATHERINGS EVER? I mean? Probably not. Even Trump’s travel restrictions are probably pretty stupid. AS OF NOW. Everyone should be like… you know… washing their hands frequently. Or… more frequently than usual and whatnot. And MAYBE… we should all buy more Airbourne or something to ry to help boost our immune systems. I dunno.

Everything about this just screams WAY too stipid to me.

And to think… it’s all basically the plot of a movie starring…


And finally.

In case this rambling wasn’t smart enough for yuou.

I’ll leave you with this.


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