I’m an Alcoholic

I mean, I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now. And. It should be easier to admit this. But.


I’m an alcoholdic.

And thart’s all I can say

I call into work cause all I do is frollic and play

I swallow grenades

I take about a bottle a day

Sue me, Lonnie Clark!

None of that had to do with “The Next Bubba Sparxxx.” At all. I just thought it’d be funny to name drop him. Because.

I’m an alchoholic.

So… you;re right, ma!

Heaven’s obvi real too, right?!

I’m an alcoholic. And I’m brojken! Can’t you see that? MA?!


The last thing I’ve got to cling on to right now? Other than… you know… the obvious thing that keeps me going back to 1890…

Between this game’s release and my niece’s undying love for me, for no reason? I’d be in 1890 like last month. Most likely.

But other than that? One thing I cling onto THE MOST?

Is podcasts. A recording happened tonight. And. I’m pretty sure this was the pilot that’s been waitnig to happen.


I’m an alcoholic and that’s all I can say/
I call into work cause all I do is frolic and play/
I swallow grenades/
I take about a bottle a day//

If any man/
Would jump in front of a mini-van/
For $20 grand/
Is fucking crazy//

Something like that. Cause Eminem said so! That one time!

Jesus Christ. This rambling is short.

Oh wells.

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