The 2023 Review in Haiku Like Always

The deals? You know them. These are hauku things. That happem. Every year. You’ve seent them. I’ve wirtten them. We’ve been here before. Like Always. Stuffs. Things. Words.


It began – story of me
‘Nother year needed

I decided that
I like AI things a lot
AI does next one:

Whispers in the wind,
Innovation’s dance takes stage,
Time’s canvas unfurls.

ChatGPT made
2023 haikus
Before this one, dude

It took quite a while
For AI to make good on
A haiku review

You can see right there
The whole conversation, yeah?
ChatGPT, hrmph

AI pictures though
Bruh, guess this wresting moment
Such a good time dude

This is according
To AI a famous thing
From wrestling my dudes

Shut up, AI crime!
There’s more 2023
Things to talk about

Uh… how about all
Of those celebrity deaths
Windham sucked the most

Politics happened
Like they always do and stuffs
World can’t be sustained

Economy? Dumb
It’s worse than all politics
Please, something be real

Fox News, Donald Trump
Everyone else, Joe Biden
These are not real things

I think that The Flash
Was the only new movie
That I watched this year

I don’t know why all-
Most everyone hated it
Blah I’m a fanboy?

Starfield was the one
New game I played this year, hrmph
Can’t really say “playing”


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Jiu Jitsu John is
The best media I’ve seen
This whole year, hold up…

I just remembered
The Boys is pretty awesome
Finally watched it

Same can be said for
The Marvelous Ms. Maisel
I know, it’s Mrs.

Other than all that
The Good Buger 2 trailer
Gave me so much damn joy

As matter’uh fact
I’ma watch it right now, bruh
We are all dudes, hey!

Over or under
I cry while watching this film
T’ver one says, “cry”

Speaking of bets, yeah?
Fantasy football and stuffs
Sucked in e-fed league

Uh, legit I am
Struggling to think of things

Now that I’m watching
Good Burger 2, I must say
It’s fucking great

So, shut up and stuffs
2023, you sucked
Just like every year

And finally. Once again. Here’s a bit fgrom the AI gods. According to them? This is absolutely terrifying artificial intelligence:


Continue as yu were.

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