This should probably be a designated “QUICK RAMBLING.” But. Nah.

WAY too many people Podcastyness. Are getting hundreds of thosands of views and shit. Based on the dumbest ass shit.


new phone who dis?

Hundreds. Thousands. Views.

Before I fucked everything up and took the wind out of Dave’s sails about doing podcasts… WrestlingBios took the wind out of mine. I was so pumped to start recruiting and getting back in the thick of shit after I got my new PC thing that I’m using currently. Back in 2018. Something like it. And then. Boom. WrestlingBios starts “relving the war” or whatever.

The video there isn’t THE thing. But fuck me. That’s the only way to start off the playlist and embed it or whatever. I can’t even do that right, DAD! WORDPRESS! YOUTUBE! MOM!

THE thing that’s been cooking up in my skull for damn near a decade is a WAY better idea than WrestlingBios reliving the war. Idea. Thing.

In this day and age where mofos have the audacisty to have none percent ideas who The Undertaker is even though his high school photo that those mofos hve seen their entire lives before that point. These 20-somethings. Have grown up. Seeing that Undertaker high school picture. And the have the fucking gull to try to play to cameras. Shit. Things. Fuck them. And they say, “Is that Sheamus?”

Fuck you. Sheamus graduated in the 1970s. Obviously.

All I knowe is that the wrestling community deserves better.

Better content.

Better humans.

Better… reality?


And merhaps… it starts with someting like…


Hit me up if you want to collaborate and learn more my dudes.

Take care. But also fuck you if you think that that dude in a tuxedo up there is Jon Moxley’s high school photo. And you tried to play that guess off as legit. You can be fucked. Forever.

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